Better Choices

“A thriving spiritual life creates an environment for physical healing and strength. In the same way, physical well-being infuses our spirit with hope and joy. Living by this program helps make us healthier in all ways. Today, I will remember that I am a whole man, with body and spirit as one. As I turn to the steps, my whole being is healed.”
– Touchstones 7/28

When I am spiritually sick I get physically sick. And when I am not taking care of myself physically I am restless, irritable, and discontent, which is not a stable spiritual place. The solution, as always, is the steps. When I am connected to God through working the steps I make better choices for myself – including taking care of my physical well-being, which is often not discussed much at meetings. When I am spiritually fit I am physically healthier. My body is less stressed, and more resistant of sickness and dis-ease. I am more likely eat right, exercise, go to the dentist, etc. my whole being is healthier. Doing my spiritual work today and taking care of my body. ILML!


Changing the Future

“I can’t keep thoughts from coming into my head, but I have a choice about whether or not to entertain those thoughts for the next hour.”~Courage to Change

I woke up thinking about my daughter. She is worried about not getting into a great college and playing D1 softball. Laying in bed I felt bad for her pain. I know things will work out, but right now she doesn’t. In speaking to my wife we agreed that letting go of our future potential “bad” outcomes is something we must actively practice if we are to have peace in the moment. And we will strive to share that with our little girl. Today I will let go of all the “bad” that may happen and focus on all the “wonderful” that may happen instead. In this way, I’ll open the doors for abundance. ILML!

- JamesQ

A 100% Guarantee

“I need courage to change my attitude and behavior.” – Alateen – a day at a time

Let’s face it. It’s much easier to find faults in people, places & things for our disappointments & unhappiness. But it’s also a 100% guarantee of continued resentment & self-pity. It does take courage to stop looking at what’s wrong around us and instead take positive action to change what’s going on inside of us.

By seeking the spiritual solution, focusing on gratitude, and being of service, we are released from the bondage of blame and once again invited into the world of abundance and joy. Today I’ll be aware if I slip into a funk and use recovery tools to get back to feeling good. ILML!

- JamesQ

A Program of Action

“God gives us free will, intelligence, and good senses – it is clearly his intention that we use these gifts. If I’m receptive, God will make his will known to me step-by-step, but I must carry it out.”
– A Day at a Time 7/25

This clearly tells me that this is a program of action. I carry out God’s will by taking actions on a daily basis. Actions that allow me to carry out the principles of the program. When I pray, meditate, do my spiritual texts, go to meetings, help others, etc., I open myself up to the abundance of God’s will. That abundance is clearly showing in my life right now and for that I’m grateful. ILML!

- JasonW

From Angry to Serene

“I was filled with self-pity, anger and resentment. Then I learned that by helping others, with no thought of return, I could overcome this obsession with selfishness, and if I understood humility, I would know peace and serenity.”
– Daily Reflections 7/24

I love how the steps are laid out to where the end result is simply helping others. It’s such a simple program that gives me a solution to all of my problems and changes my perception one day at a time, if I help others and stay humble by doing the work. This change of perception helps me go from selfishness to humility, self-pity to gratitude, angry to serene. Today is for being of service to others. ILML!

- JasonW

Support with Consistency

“Today my prayers consist mostly of saying thank you to my Higher Power for my sobriety and for the wonder of God’s abundance, but I need to ask also for help and the power to carry out His will for me.” – Daily Reflections

This was my exact prayer this morning. My goal is to repeat this gratitude to God daily. My diligence in the past has been shoddy and near non-existent, but today, I am asking for support with consistency. iLmL

- RichieB

Around the Corner

“It has been proven that an act of surrender, originating in desperation and defeat, can grow into an ongoing act of faith, and that faith means freedom and victory.”
– Daily Reflections 7/21

Everything that has happened to me that has caused discomfort, defeat, and desperation eventually has led to a growing faith in a higher power through this program. So when I am in discomfort, angry, or worried, I can trust that freedom and victory are around the corner if I use the tools of the program and take spiritual actions on a daily basis. ILML!