Just Seconds

… and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” – AA p.59 (and in Daily Reflections p. 290)

One of the wonderful benefits of consistently and diligently applying program solutions to my problems is that the amount of time I stay in suffering as a result of uncomfortable situations is continually getting shorter and shorter. In the past I could suffer for hours, days or even weeks over something. These days it’s usually minutes at most, and more often just seconds. Part of the reason is that I make immediate amends as often as possible, resulting in the dissipation of both my guilt and attachment to the problem. I love using all the gifts of the program, and ILML! 

— JamieQ


A Secure Financial Future

“Self-esteem will increase when we increase our sense of being financially responsible for ourselves.” – The Language of Letting Go 
I wasn’t raised in a household where fiscal responsibility was modeled to me. I had some examples of earning money but none that showed me how to conserve or retain it. Rather, what I mostly remember was spending – and lots of it. So it’s not surprising that I generally have bought myself and my family most anything we’ve wanted – I’ve always figured, oh well, I’ll put it on a credit card and just have to make more money. As a result, I’ve always felt under the gun. These days I’m beginning to have some restraint on spending in order that I may build a secure financial future that can last the rest of my life (46 years more). I’m not getting any younger but I can surely get even happier. ILML! 

My Higher Power’s Love

“Instead of regarding the satisfaction of our material desires as the means by which we could live and function as human beings, we had taken these satisfactions to be the final end and aim of life.” – 12&12 p.71
The idea that the attainment of “more” would make me happy, actually left me always falling short of my own expectations. With my new vision statement, which contains clear objectives with regard to material goals, I finally have clear goals, and I’m taking daily action to achieve my vision, while recognizing that the greatest gift is simply being a conduit of my higher power’s love everyday. ILML! 

— JamieQ

Everlasting Happiness

“… we are still tempted to look outside of ourselves for happiness… What we can depend on to fill our emptiness are our own unselfish acts on behalf of others.” – In God’s Care
We’ve been told that once we make enough money, buy the big home, have the right partner, get what’s missing in our life, we’ll finally be happy. I disagree. That stuff is great but isn’t my answer to everlasting happiness. Helping others just because I want to be loving is what makes me really happy. In fact, it’s the main reason why ILML! 


Recover, Restore & Renew

“… I must STEP my way past emotion turmoil…” – Daily Reflections
That statement gives me great hope that I don’t need to stay in, or even go into, emotional turmoil. But how do I avoid it, or get out of it when I step into it? My fist course of action is to pause when agitated. Just knowing that I need to pause, isn’t enough though – I must practice it thousands of times until it becomes automatic. And when I do forget to pause, finding myself in dis-ease, I try to detach quickly so I can recover my peace as fast as possible. Then, I make direct amends to restore my self-esteem. I love how this process renews me and ILML! 

My Vision Statement

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.” – Nelson Mandela
A while ago, a dear friend of mine, Adam, wrote in his gratitude list, that he was grateful for his vision statement. This inspired me to question, at 53 years of age, what my vision statement was. At first I thought I had none. Upon further reflection, I realized that the vision statement I had been operating under was “More.” The problem with that vision is that it’s never obtainable. So a few days ago I wrote my vision statement and this morning I starting manifesting it, beginning to take action toward my vision. I’m so grateful for the gratitude I’m sent each day by Adam and others and ILML! PS – If you’d like to see my vision statement check my blog 12stepwork.com tomorrow morning as I’m posting it there tonight.

— JamieQ 


Putting Peace First

“The giver of peace is eternally blissful. — Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Peace. Serenity. Being comfortable. These feelings are restorative to my health, body and mind. But in a world where we have so much to do, how is it possible to remain in a place of peace, and more importantly, share it with others? For me it comes down to choosing to put activities that bring me peace first. Stretching, exercising, playing guitar, talking kindly with others, doing these higher powered rituals. I may not get all the rest of my “very important” tasks done, but I’ll live a much happier life, one day at a time. Today I’ll get to as many of my tasks that I can but I’m putting peace first and ILML!