Nothing but Loving Feelings

“If I continue to relive my old hurt, it is a resentment and resentment bars the sunlight from my soul. If I continue to relive hurts and hates, I will hurt and hate myself. I must let go of resentments; I cannot afford them.” – Daily Reflections 4/14

What an amazing reminder of how diligent I need to be with my 10th steps, prayer and meditation in turning  over my resentments to my higher power, finding my part in the matter, and moving on with hopefully nothing but loving feelings. This is easier said than done for me.

But I have found that the longer I stay sober and the longer I practice these principles on a daily basis, the more I can let go of resentments which contaminate my spirituality so badly. 

Resentments effect my thoughts, actions, and even my physical being. I cannot afford them and I am not interested in spiritual sickness anymore. Today I’m going to stay in the solution and do whatever it takes to let go any and all resentments I may have. ILML!

— JasonW

All in my Best Interest

“Sometimes the sign that I have actually gotten humble enough to ask my higher power to remove a shortcoming is that I can laugh about it. Suddenly a past action or decision of mine seems ludicrous and I can stop taking myself so seriously. When this happens, I realize that my higher power has lessened the impact of another shortcoming.” – Courage to Change 3/13/15

I like this quote in that if we continually work the program on a daily basis we can laugh at things that we used to think were so horrible or took so seriously at one point. 

What I would like to do is those times that I am taking life so seriously, is to remember that everything happens exactly how it is supposed to. When I am confused, frustrated or anxious, to remember that I don’t have to be, but instead I can be grateful for the experience and lessons that I will learn  which will better my life.

It really is all in my best interest — whether I like it or not. 

The more I stay connected to my higher power on a daily basis the more I am able to do this — though that’s much easier said than done. I’m going to do my best to stay in the solution another day. ILML!

– JasonW

Tired of the Anxiety

“Using my self will in a situation usually has the same result as forcing the wrong piece into a jigsaw puzzle – exhaustion and frustration. When I ask God for guidance I know that whatever happens is the best possible situation, things are exactly as they are supposed to be, even if they aren’t what I want or expect. God does for me what I cannot do for myself, if I let him. – Daily Reflections 3/11/15

This is good to hear today. I have a couple situations in my life that are causing me anxiety and stress. I believe this means that I am, in some way, running on self-will and trying to force that wrong piece into the jigsaw puzzle, as the quote says. 

Today I’m going to pray and meditate, ask my higher power for direction and surrender these feelings to him. I’m tired of the anxiety. I know that things are exactly as they are supposed to be even though it is making me uncomfortable. I will do whatever it takes today to surrender to my higher power and find serenity. ILML!

— JasonW

A Part of the Solution

“As a result of this guidance, I start every morning on my knees, thanking God for three things: I’m alive, I’m sober, and I’m a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Then I try to live an “attitude of gratitude” and thoroughly enjoy another twenty-four hours of the A.A. way of life. A.A. is not something I joined; it’s something I live. – Daily Reflections 2/24/15

Through taking direction and working steps day after day I try to keep things as simple as this quote suggests. When I stay in gratitude, no matter what is happening,  I invite abundance into my life and I’m able to be part of the solution. 

My problems seem to melt away if I can stay grateful and take the next right indicated actions which I get from my sponsor, spiritual work, prayer/meditation, meetings, and program friends. I have to live it all day, everyday, or I give my disease a chance to start talking me into fear, anxiety, and worry. 

So grateful we have a solution. ILML!

– JasonW

The Program is My Medication

“A spiritual experience can be the realization that a life which once seemed empty and devoid of meaning is now joyous and full.”
– Daily Reflections 2/9/15

How true and what an amazing spiritual experience this program has giving me. When I just continue to surrender over and over again to a higher power on a daily basis, I am blessed with a continuing spiritual experience. My job is to work the steps, do my daily rituals and just let it go. I get lazy sometimes and I find myself worrying, angry, sick, and anxious. My disease is very strong and this program is my medication. Today I am grateful for a solution to my problem. ILML!

– JasonW

Stick with the Basics

“…my heart felt callous. Still, I stuck with the AA program; the alternatives were too bleak! I kept coming back and gradually my faith was resurrected.”
– Daily Reflections 2/4/15

I was very callous, bitter, and fearful when I came into the program. I had a hard time with the thought of a higher power but, like the quote says, the alternatives were too bleak.

My desperation and willingness to do the work eventually left me with faith in a higher power which I am now so grateful for. No matter how badly I felt, I didn’t drink or use and I continued to go to meetings and take direction from a sponsor. It’s really that simple — and today I love my life and I’m guided by a higher power through the steps and traditions on a daily basis. Good day or bad day, if I stick with the basics everything turns out alright. ILML!

– JasonW

In the Solution

“Attempting half measures to eliminate my character defects merely paralyzes my efforts to change. It is only when I ask God for help, with complete abandon, that I become willing – and able – to change.”
– Daily Reflections 1/7/15

This is a good reminder to do my spiritual work and stay on top of my program on a daily basis. I can easily fall into “half measures” thinking I will still progress little by little. The reality is I don’t progress but “paralyze” changing for the better. Today I’m staying in the solution and connecting to my higher power. ILML!

– JasonW