An Essential Part

“… A ceremonial affirmation, no matter how small, seems to carry an indelible and resonant quality into the heart which the intellect is incapable of carrying. Shaking the hand of a friend is such a ritual. It reaffirms something deep and unsayable in the relationship. A non-rational ritual acknowledges and reaffirms a non-rational, but important, part of the relationship. It is a small but vital thing.” – From A Common Prayer

It is my belief that a power greater than myself, as I DON’T understand it, knows exactly what I am going to say in my prayers before I even think the words. This belief however does not make me exempt from the act of praying. For me, the simple yet profound gesture of prayer is an essential part of connecting to a higher resource and cultivating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with it. iLmL

Richie B

Believe and Connect

“He may call it the human spirit, he may call it the soul or he may call it god. The particular name is not so very important. The point is that he acknowledges this spiritual dimension. He would be a fool to ignore it, so powerful is it’s effect on his life, so joyous, so mysterious, so frightening.”
- A Common Prayer

I love this so much. Quite often I like to get caught up in irrelevant details that hold zero importance in my life. What I choose to CALL a “Power greater than myself” means infinitely less than if I BELIEVE and CONNECT with that Power. Today, I’m connected. Period. No names necessary. It’s very personal and ultimately my definition or understanding means little if anything to anyone else. The results I receive through my belief and application seems to be what is noticed. So my focus is the doing and not the defining. iLmL

- RichieB

Loving and Loveable

“Accepting myself means not having to be rich, famous, powerful, or even “good.” It means not having to impress others. It means living authentically. It means being comfortable saying, “I don’t know.”” – Day by Day

At first read, this all seems obvious. But after disecting it a bit further, I realize that I base much, if not all, of my worth on other’s acceptance of me AND my actions. I am “good” because I am good and because I’m alive. I am one of God’s kids and deserve all the best in life for no other reason than that. I am loving and loveable and today I am going to accept myself as I am and those around me as they are. iLmL

- Richie B

Turning Thought into Action

“We must learn to take the intellectual knowledge and turn it into emotional and spiritual reality – into living – so we can continue to change and grow and be useful.”
- Drop the Rock pg. xviii

Application of the principles into daily living has been one of the biggest hurdles for me in recovery. Almost as challenging as consistency; Working a truly DAILY program. Turning thought into action takes a daily practice. A healthy balance of faith and works. iLmL

- RichieB

Today I’m Connected

From 24HAD “The spiritual and moral will eventually overcome the material and immoral. That is the purpose and destiny of the human race. Gradually the spiritual is overcoming the material in our minds. Gradually the moral is overcoming the immoral. Faith, fellowship, and service are cures for most of the ills in the world. There is nothing in the field of personal relationships that they cannot do.”

Today I’m connected. I prefer to align with a greater purpose. This is comprised of faith, fellowship, service and a bit of personal recovery. When I put forth this effort, the world and my reaction to it are much more loving and effective. iLmL

- RichieB

Laugh at Myself

“I soon learned to laugh at myself and eventually I taught those I sponsor to laugh also. Every day I ask God to help me stop taking myself too seriously.”
- Drop the Rock

Looking for the humor in life has allowed me to stay in gratitude. It reminds me that God is involved and that life is hilarious. It took practice, but this outlook invites more levity and fun into my day. iLmL

- RichieB

So Much Hope

C2C “My vision can be so limited. I often think that the only possible outcomes are those that I can imagine. Fortunately, my higher power is not restricted my such logic. In fact, some of the most wondrous events grow out of what appears to be disasters.”

BOOM! This gives me so much hope. I often don’t connect through prayer and meditation enough to keep this at the forefront of my mind. Today I’m asking for help while I do the deal. The big Gee Ohh Dee has my back. Although it seems to work better when I invite a different solution then the limited one I imagine through prayer and meditation. iLmL

- RichieB

Thinking I Know

“Let me not dilute the effectiveness of the help I can give by letting it take the form of giving advice. I know I will never have enough insight into another’s life to tell that person what is best to do.”
- The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage (C2C pg 36)

The more my heart is involved, the more challenging this is to adhere to. When I love someone, I deceive myself by thinking I know what’s best. Today I’m going to trust Gods plan for all of us and let go of everything I THINK I know. iLmL

- RichieB

Tidying Up my Mind

From the 12 Step Prayer Book

- First Things First -

Dear Higher Power, remind me to tidy up my own mind, to keep my sense of values straight, to sort out the possible and the impossible, to turn the impossible over to you, and to get busy on the possible.”

This reminds me of a more in depth serenity prayer. Today I am focusing on my personal program and inviting you to join me. As Chris McG. puts it, DO WORK! iLmL

- RichieB

Feeling Like a Healer

From Daily Reflections “The first tradition reminds me not to take credit, or authority, for my recovery. Placing our common welfare first reminds me not to become a healer in this program; I am still one of the patients”

I love helping people. This sometimes leaves me feeling like a healer in AA. Even as I write it I laugh because its so painfully obvious that I am not responsible for anyones happiness, growth, or recovery. Today I’m going to stay quiet and listen. If help is needed, God will let me know… iLmL

- RichieB