My Mantra for the Day

“Criticizing may be a helpful first stage in learning, but it is seductive because it holds little risk and we feel safe doing it. In that comfort we forget to go forward to create what we really want. Our negative energy, when we are seduced by it, creates negative results. When we look back upon today, we will admire those choices that risked creating something positive. Today, I will not give my energy to denouncing but to creating what I believe is worthwhile.”
– Touchstones 6/30

A good reminder that my perception, positive thinking can get me everywhere. I have been struggling with negative thoughts lately and negative thoughts get me negative results. Either He is or He isn’t. I choose to believe that He is, so with that being my reality, everything happens exactly how it is supposed to in God’s world. That will be my mantra for the day. ILML!

- JasonW

Play Well with Others

“… the secret to their happiness is that they have found a way to truly appreciate the quirks in another’s personalities rather than being driven crazy by them.” Attitudes of Gratitude in Love

Are they slow or just easygoing? Reclusive or just comfortable in their own company? Loud and testy or exciting and spicy? Confrontational or passionate? My perception, judgement, and reaction is skewed by my past experiences and attitude. By lightening up and adopting a positive attitude, I can have more acceptance. Today I want to play well with others, and I’m working my program right now in order to do that. ILML!

- JamesQ

Grateful I am Me

“… my assets are the foundation upon which my new, healthier life is being built.” – Courage to Change

So often in program the focus is on eradicating unhealthy behavior or defects and learning new tools. That’s really important. But equally important is learning to really, accept, love and believe in ourselves. Looking in the mirror I don’t just say “I love you James”. Rather, I’ve learned to also list off all the things I do love about myself. In this way I remember each day to be grateful I am me, a really cool guy who is a hard worker, great dad, husband, man, friend and lover of life. It’s a beautiful day in sunny Santa Monica and ILML!

- JamesQ

I Struggle with This

“… many of us miss the fact that the “today” approach can be applied to ALL areas of our life, not just abstinence. It helps if we can deal with issues such as love, sex, death, honesty, and resentments one day at a time… Am I living “today” today?” – Adapted from Day by Day

I play many roles in my life. Son, brother, sponsee, sponsor, fiancé, and so on. Ultimately, I am a human being and have an opportunity to do my best in each role (every moment) every day. The goal is consistency and presence. This takes a lot of practice and at times I struggle with this. Doing the deal and connecting with a power greater than myself permit me to be the best me! iLmL!

- RichieB

For the Love of It

“We give it away freely with no expectation of compensation, and we are nonetheless richly rewarded by receiving even more love and recovery than we give away.” – Hope For Today

This simple idea is sums up a principle instruction I had never known until I came into the program: That when I help others for the love of it rather than money, I am rewarded beyond my wildest dreams with things like happiness, self-esteem, and friendship. I have an amazing life because I am able to take care of all my responsibilities and still find time to give away that which I have received from others so freely. ILML!


Mindful of the Present

“When eating, be mindful of eating. When walking, of walking. When smiling, of smiling.” – Heart of a Buddha

It is easy for me to live in yesterday and tomorrow – but only because I have practiced this ineffective behavior for most of my life. I am capable of staying present and through my experience, it only takes practice as well. Today I will be mindful of the present moment. This will permit me to stay closer to a power greater than myself and stay out of fear! iLmL


A Feeling of Separation

“… the problem is the feeling of conscious separation from… from everything… It’s the best definition of human ego you’ll ever hear.” Chuck C, Chuck C., Spiritual Way of Life

As a child I experienced a feeling of separation. As a teen I discovered alcohol and drugs, which allieved that feeling temporarily. Eventually the consequences of drinking & using outweighed the need for relief, so I quit and again felt separated and alone. Then I walked into the rooms. The welcome, guidance, fellowship and opportunity to help others finally tamed my ego, allowing me to fit in and feel comfortable in my own skin. I am so lucky to have the program and all of you. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with me. ILML!

- JamesQ

If you are interested in watching Chuck C’s video here is the link: