Invite Abundance

“Positive energy heals, conducts love, and transforms. Choose positive energy.” The Language of Letting Go 

In the morning I raise my hands up after my prayers and I invite abundance. Abundance in health, happiness and prosperity. I have my Goden Hour in the a.m. to set the tone for my day, so that I may better bring positivity into the world. The more I do these things, the more I incorporate them into my day, the more ILML! 

— JamieQ

All in my Best Interest

“Sometimes the sign that I have actually gotten humble enough to ask my higher power to remove a shortcoming is that I can laugh about it. Suddenly a past action or decision of mine seems ludicrous and I can stop taking myself so seriously. When this happens, I realize that my higher power has lessened the impact of another shortcoming.” – Courage to Change 3/13/15

I like this quote in that if we continually work the program on a daily basis we can laugh at things that we used to think were so horrible or took so seriously at one point. 

What I would like to do is those times that I am taking life so seriously, is to remember that everything happens exactly how it is supposed to. When I am confused, frustrated or anxious, to remember that I don’t have to be, but instead I can be grateful for the experience and lessons that I will learn  which will better my life.

It really is all in my best interest — whether I like it or not. 

The more I stay connected to my higher power on a daily basis the more I am able to do this — though that’s much easier said than done. I’m going to do my best to stay in the solution another day. ILML!

- JasonW

The Ugly Reality

“… nausea, dry heaves, the rocking bed, the nightmare-filled mind.” – From Stars Don’t Fall in AA’s Big Book

Whenever I find myself thinking about drinking in a romantic way, all I have to do is read that one line. This is the ugly reality of where the disease takes me and others. Whether it was my family, friends, strangers or me, drinking always tended to end badly. 

For people like me there is no half-glass of wine or “just one” Margarita. And my disease begins way before the drink. It starts with negative attitudes, behaviors, words and perceptions. By staying spiritually healthy I can keep my mind in a positive place and stay away from that next drink, and the total destruction of this amazing life the program has given me. 

Sobriety, not booze,  is my best friend today. And for that reason, ILML!

— JamieQ

97% of the Time

“I can start my day over at any time. Finding a reason to feel grateful is a great way to do it.” – Hope For Today 

I’m going to be totally honest, just about everything can upset me. Most of the time things really don’t go exactly the way I want them to. 

Certainly more often than not people don’t do or say things how I believe they should. It’s generally pretty easy for me to find a reason to feel negative in some way, and if I’m in a funky place, it’s even easier. But I’ve learned how self-destructive this is. I may not be able to help initially feeling let down or upset, but I can quickly start fresh and get back into the attitude of gratitude. 

Shortening the periods of time when I’m discontent, and lengthening the intervals when I feel great is the secret to loving my life more often. 

And, because I’m working a program of action, and in the solution, most of the time, I can honestly say that about 97% of the time, ILML!

— JamieQ

Tired of the Anxiety

“Using my self will in a situation usually has the same result as forcing the wrong piece into a jigsaw puzzle – exhaustion and frustration. When I ask God for guidance I know that whatever happens is the best possible situation, things are exactly as they are supposed to be, even if they aren’t what I want or expect. God does for me what I cannot do for myself, if I let him. – Daily Reflections 3/11/15

This is good to hear today. I have a couple situations in my life that are causing me anxiety and stress. I believe this means that I am, in some way, running on self-will and trying to force that wrong piece into the jigsaw puzzle, as the quote says. 

Today I’m going to pray and meditate, ask my higher power for direction and surrender these feelings to him. I’m tired of the anxiety. I know that things are exactly as they are supposed to be even though it is making me uncomfortable. I will do whatever it takes today to surrender to my higher power and find serenity. ILML!

— JasonW

Decreasing my Suffering

Choose your thoughts carefully, keep what brings you peace, release what brings you suffering and know that happiness is just a thought away.” – Nishan Panwar

Simple concept and so true, although the secret is finding out how to do this quickly and then practicing it regularly until it becomes a habit. The first step for me is awareness. To become conscious of when I am suffering. This need not be big or dramatic, rather it can be as subtle as just feeling a little down or hurt. 

Once I become versed at practicing awareness, the next step is to discover what works to help me release me from my suffering thoughts. I use prayer (connecting with my HP), journaling out my thoughts and feelings, writing a gratitude list, meditating, making amends to myself and/or others if I’ve discovered the need to do so in my writing, calling my sponsor or another inspired person I trust to help me release my suffering, getting into service with others or just doing a selfless act like picking up some trash or cleaning something for someone else without being asked, exercising and getting to a meeting. I also use HALT as an acronym reminder to see whether I’m hungry, angry, lonely or tired and address any of those issues. 

Once I felt like I had some workable solutions to help me release the suffering, it was time for the hard part: action. Consistently taking those actions which represented my path to peace was the only way I could master the process, and allow myself to quickly transition out of thoughts that cause me suffering and into those that bring me peace and happiness. 

I’m pretty sure that having discovered, and continuing to use, this system to decrease my personal suffering is a big reason why ILML! 

— JamieQ

One of the Lucky Ones

“… the more people can become aware without judgement, the more they can change in the direction they desire.” Attitudes of Gratitude in Love 

I believe that having good, positive thoughts and attitudes are necessary for me to manifest the destiny I dream of.  Judgement can definitely block me from abundance. 

Comparing myself to others (better or worse than), gossiping, or even thinking I know better than them is like wearing 100 pound weighted vest — reaching the top of the mountain is way harder. 

My sponsor Dan suggested that discerning is more appropriate than judging because it allows me to make healthy decisions without the emotional attachment. 

Today, as I open my eyes to all around me, if I find myself in judgement, I’ll recognize what I’m doing, detach from the drama and simply discern whether or not there is some action to take —then take it — provided it doesn’t hurt me or anyone else. This will allow me to get back to a place where I can invite abundance, remembering that I am one of the lucky ones because ILML! 

— JamieQ