To Control and Be Right

“Each person is like an actor who wants to run the whole show… if only people would do as he wished, the show would be great. Everybody, including himself, would be pleased. Life would be wonderful.” – AA, 60-61

Secretly, I want to control it all. I think I know best. I wish they would help me help them by just doing it my way. Sound familiar? Looking back, this desire to control and be right has been at the root of many dysfunctional interactions and relationships in my life. Today I’ll be aware when those righteous know-it-all thoughts crop up and keep my mouth closed so that I can play nice with others. ILML!

- JamesQ

An Ideal to Strive Towards

“All my defects become glaringly obvious through my actions. . . but that does not define me as a person. I may act badly on occasion. That does not make me a bad person… I saw my character defects as glitches to be corrected rather than major portions of my framework… Now, I seek the opportunity to look at defects and let them go. Something new and better always seems available to take their place.”
– Adapted from Drop the Rock pg. 14

Wow. What an ideal to strive towards. I, more often than not, base my worth on my actions. AKA I’m good because I DO good. If investigated, this is blatantly false. I make a ton of mistakes, but today I do my utmost to acknowledge my part and remedy the situation as best I can through the process of the 12 steps. I am a good person today because I am. Period! iLmL

- RichieB

Willing to Let Go

DR “Sacrifice is the art of giving of myself freely, allowing humility to replace my ego.”

My resistance to compromise or sacrifice is a distorted ego. I believe that my plan is more important than God’s will. This is obviously not the truth. Today I am willing to let go of my self-serving plan in place of a plan from a power greater than myself! iLmL

- RichieB


“Through prayer and meditation, I open channels, then I establish and improve my conscious contact with God. Through action I then receive the power I need to maintain my sobriety each day. By maintaining my spiritual condition, by giving away what has been so freely given me, I am granted a daily reprieve.” – Drop the Rock

The daily goal in a nutshell! There is a simple equation for a great life – prayer & meditation play a big role in it. Today I have been granted a reprieve. HOLLER! iLmL

- RichieB

Double My Norm

From Heart of a Buddha “The loss of desire overcomes all sorrows.”

Definitely a lifetime practice. I have desire all throughout my day. My goal today is to eliminate some of these desires and trust that the big GEE OHH DEE has my back in every present moment. I’m also going to meditate for TEN minutes today which is double my norm (when I actually do it). Anyone want to join in on the meditation double up??? iLmL

- RichieB

More, More, More

“… we were prodded by unreasonable fears or anxieties into making a life business of winning, fame, money and what we thought was leadership. So false pride became the reverse side of that ruinous coin marked “Fear”. 12&12

It’s easy to get lost in the pursuit of more. More money. More notoriety. More respect. More security. It’s also easy to let fear of not having enough, or losing things, compel me to put money above all else. When I do, I know I’m off course. If I put my program first and diligently stay in the solution, connecting with Source, my fear and need for more disappears & I am absolutely taken care of. Today I having a loving power that I really do trust. ILML!

- JamesQ

Shoot for Optimism

“… much of my extra weight comes from the expectations I have for myself to be more.”
– Dr. Amy Johnson,

Being optimistic is one of the underlying foundations of my success in life. I shoot for the stars and stay optimistic. But expectation lay just beyond optimism, and when I’m not careful, my optimism gets replaced by expectation. If I get what I want, great. If I don’t, I’m destined for an emotional hangover – closed off to future abundance. So today I’ll shoot for optimism and embrace life, whatever the outcome is, knowing more abundance is always heading my way, provided I stay open to it. ILML!

- JamesQ