The Outside Stimulus

“Eventually you will see that the real cause of problem is not life itself. It’s the commotion the mind makes about life that really causes the problems.” — The Untethered Soul

So the solution, rather than trying to fix the thing outside of me, is to first calm down the commotion inside of me, which happens when I react to uncomfortable outside stimulus. I do this by applying my spiritual tools. Then, later, once I’m back at peace, I can make better choices about the problem, coming from a place of love, rather than fear. And as a result of problem solving in this manner, ILML! 

— JamieQ

A Place of Love

“Today God will be the center of all my activities.” In God’a Care

I love the fact that we are invited to define God in any way that is comfortable for us. I’ve heard that God is compressed Good. Or Good Orderly Direction. Or the way to Get Out of Darkness (just made that up actually). But to me God is love. And when I live from a place of love, forgiveness and kindness, ILML!

— JamieQ

The Good Stuff

“… make the most of this day.” Courage to Change

It’s easy to get lost in the long list of things to do, the frustrations of yesterday, fears of tomorrow and all the things I wish were different. But in doing so, even for a minute, means I am missing out big time on the good stuff. But when I recognize how lucky I really am, when I allow myself to see all the gifts, when I focus on the gratitude for all that I have, I can truly live and love to the very fullest. Today I will direct my attention to the good stuff all around me and make the most of it. ILML!  

— JamieQ

No Matter What

“I discovered how much I wanted other people to change so I could be happy.” — Hope For Today 

When my happiness is dependent upon everything and everyone going exactly the way I want, I am sure that there will be plenty of times I won’t be loving my life. But if I’m happy no matter what — no matter what happens or what they say or do — then the percentage of time I’m loving life vastly increases. Today, if something or someone doesn’t meet my expectation, I’ll remember this quote. ILML!

— JamieQ


Ashamed of Me

“…an ability to face the new day without guilt, because I had owned up to my responsibilities.” Courage to Change 

Ashamed of me, but not brave enough to admit my faults, before working the program I remained in a perpetual state of self-dislike, never changing, never growing, & always blaming others for my unhappiness. Learning how to make amends, and then practicing it until it has become second nature, is one of the most liberating experiences in my life. ILML!

— JamieQ


The new, improved Jamie

“… the things we consider unforgivable, are the very things we need to forgive ourselves for…” — Until Today

There are times in my life that others have been deeply hurt because of me. I lied or cheated or scammed or forgot or didn’t protect or wasn’t smart or didn’t try hard enough. The list goes on and I am not proud of any of it. In fact, remembering it feels bad. But it also serves as a reminder not to behave in that way anymore. I forgive myself for the very human mistakes I have made in the past and I’m grateful that I make them far less often these days. The new, improved Jamie now brings way more love, than hurt, into the lives of others. ILML! 


Detatch from Disappointment

“Whenever our way is not the way things seem to be going, we get caught up in fear…” – Until Today

The insidious nature of my expectations, and their insatiable ability to deprive me of happiness, is relentless.  I seriously doubt that I’ll ever be able to eradicate them, but I’ve learned how to better handle things (and people) that don’t go my way.  I take a deep breath, detach from disappointment, and simply refocus on the great stuff in my life. Once I’m back in gratitude, everything feels better. ILML! 

— JamieQ