Being a Kind Person

“Almost none of us liked the self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confession of shortcomings … But we saw that it really worked…” Big Book

My ego fights against taking these actions because doing so uncovers my wrongs, showing me I’m not nearly as perfect as I often think I am. This is my path back to being right-sized or humble. People really don’t like me when I am arrogant, righteous or act like I know it all. Working the program daily aids me in being a kind person that others like and respect. A loving dad, husband, brother, son, employer, friend. These are what I aspire towards. ILML!

- JamieQ

I Have a God Room

“When someone says something to me and I have a strong reaction… I stop and visualize two doors. One is marked… “My will.” The other… “God’s will.” I imagine opening mine… (and seeing the consequences). Then I close my door and open God’s.” – Hope For Today

Sometimes I still choose and hang out in the ‘My Will’ room, and the results are always the same – I end up less happy than hanging out with my HP. The great news is that I have a God room in my house today, and I hang out there quite often. Choosing to go in when I’m feeling reactive is not easy, but the more consistently I practice my program, the easier it gets. ILML!

- JamieQ

Put the Horse Before the Cart

“Our desires for emotional security and wealth… Cannot be the sole end aim of our lives… place spiritual growth first…” 12&12 p114

The desire for money, romance, and other things was rooted in my belief that having those things would for sure make me happy. But I had it backwards. These days I make getting spiritually centered my priority, and I instantly feel more fulfilled and at peace, which is attractive to others, both in business and relationships. I no longer need to wait until I get what I want to be happy, I’m happy regardless, because I took the time to plug into source. If I get some of that other stuff today, awesome. If not, that’s cool too because I put the horse before the cart and, as a result, ILML!

Into their Tornado

“Staying focused on my journey of recovery, plus turning the outside world over to God, equals … Inviting serenity’s peace to embrace me.” Hope For Today

My old behavior, when confronted with difficult situations involving others, was to express my feelings and thoughts – in other words, take a step forward into their tornado. It’s no wonder finding peace was challenging. My program suggests things like pausing when agitated, meditating, and not giving unsolicited advice or opinions. When I choose the path of least resistance, I am choosing a life of happiness rather than chaos. Today I will not insert myself into the drama, and by refraining from doing so, I’ll reminded myself that ILML!

It Really is that Simple

“The task is, for everything you wish were different, you remember something that you would never want to be different.” Attitudes of Gratitude in Love

Have you ever met someone who often talks about something they wish were different, but which the have absolutely no power to control. “I wish I never —”, “I wish so & so would —”, “I wish this wasn’t —”? More importantly, when was the last time you felt like this? It’s been said many different ways, but the truth is that what we focus on defines how we feel and what kind of life we manifest. Today I’ll take MJ Ryan’s suggestion, and if I find myself obsessively thinking (or speaking) about something I want to change but have no control over, I’ll consciously let it go and instead think about something I’m grateful for. It really is that simple. And doing this will quickly get me back into the zone where ILML!

- JamieQ

Open up the Window

“… the minute I close my channels with sorrow for myself, or being hurt by, or resentful toward anyone, I am in horrible danger.” Big Book

Last night I closed the channels. I wasn’t able to restrain my mouth when I got angry. Today I am suffering from the emotional hangover. Luckily I have a program that shows me the way back when I slip. Working the 10th & 11th steps helps me open up the window to allow the sunlight of the spirit back into my life, reminding me that ILML!

Freedom, Happiness & Service

“I am free, I am happy, and perhaps I am going to have the blessed opportunity of “passing it on.” Big Book, A Feminine Victory

After reading that, I was thinking about those three ideas. Freedom – from the active disease dominating my every waking moment. Yes, I’m free of that. Happiness – mine has come from really working the program in my life. It’s a happiness that I never thought I could achieve. And finally, passing it on. I’m so lucky that others have blessed me by asking me to share my experience, strength & hope with them. I truly love this life which the program has given me!

- JamesQ