Anonymous Acts by my HP

“God is no stranger to anonymity and often appears in human affairs in the guises of “luck,” “chance,” or “coincidence.” If anonymity, somewhat fortuitously, became the spiritual basis for all of our traditions, perhaps God was acting anonymously on our behalf.”
– Daily Reflections 11/25/14

I like how this talks about luck, chance, and coincidence as being anonymous acts by a higher power. I like to live with this notion that my higher power is always watching over me and taking care of me if I do the work to connect to him.

If my higher power is my guide then I will take his lead and do my best today to do random acts of kindness, work a program, and do my best to help the still suffering alcoholic while sticking to the tradition of anonymity.

It’s not about receiving praise for my acts, but just to be of service and I end up receiving more than I could imagine. ILML!


Gratitude Trumps Expectations

“It is hard to appreciate what is, when we are holding certain expectations of what should be…” Attitudes of Gratitude in Love

This is why making gratitude lists – and sharing them with others – is so vital for me. It puts my focus on all the gifts I currently have in my life, how truly blessed I already am. I wake up each morning, and the first thing I think is, “I’m alive again, how lucky.” Then I think “I’m sober and didn’t create chaos last night, awesome.” Then all the other great stuff starts seeping into my consciousness (health, home, wife, kids, work, etc). When I focus on gratitude, unmet expectations are less likely to be so important. ILML!


Happy Yesterdays & Hope-filled Tomorrow

“… yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision… (but) today well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.” Kalidasa 12 Step Prayer Book

So how do I “well-live” each day? Easy. I operate from a place of love. What does that mean? Simple.

Before acting or speaking I ask myself if what I am about to do or say is respectful towards others. If not, I stop myself before I create damage. The truth is that I know what’s right, kind and loving – we all do.

The days when I’m spiritually fit enough to be loving in all my affairs are the ones in which I create happy yesterdays and hope-filled tomorrows. ILML!

Knowing When to Surrender

“I can let go of the parts of my life that are not under my control and I can take charge of the parts that are”. Courage to Change

This reading helps me remember that whenever I find myself struggling (frustrated, angry, confused, or depressed about something), I can simply ask myself:

“Is this something I have control over?”

If the answer is yes, then I can write out the ways in which I can affect the situation. Then I can share these with my sponsor and, if any of them appear to be helpful, I can follow up with action.

Alternatively, if I discover that I have no control over the person or situation, or the options of actions I can take seem unwise at the moment (based on the conversation with my sponsor), then I can just look up and say:

“Oh well God, this one’s in your court. I trust you to take care of this in your own time. Meanwhile I’ll go out there and take some actions that will help me continue loving this life you’ve given me. “

- JamieQ

Being a Kind Person

“Almost none of us liked the self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confession of shortcomings … But we saw that it really worked…” Big Book

My ego fights against taking these actions because doing so uncovers my wrongs, showing me I’m not nearly as perfect as I often think I am. This is my path back to being right-sized or humble. People really don’t like me when I am arrogant, righteous or act like I know it all. Working the program daily aids me in being a kind person that others like and respect. A loving dad, husband, brother, son, employer, friend. These are what I aspire towards. ILML!

- JamieQ

I Have a God Room

“When someone says something to me and I have a strong reaction… I stop and visualize two doors. One is marked… “My will.” The other… “God’s will.” I imagine opening mine… (and seeing the consequences). Then I close my door and open God’s.” – Hope For Today

Sometimes I still choose and hang out in the ‘My Will’ room, and the results are always the same – I end up less happy than hanging out with my HP. The great news is that I have a God room in my house today, and I hang out there quite often. Choosing to go in when I’m feeling reactive is not easy, but the more consistently I practice my program, the easier it gets. ILML!

- JamieQ

Put the Horse Before the Cart

“Our desires for emotional security and wealth… Cannot be the sole end aim of our lives… place spiritual growth first…” 12&12 p114

The desire for money, romance, and other things was rooted in my belief that having those things would for sure make me happy. But I had it backwards. These days I make getting spiritually centered my priority, and I instantly feel more fulfilled and at peace, which is attractive to others, both in business and relationships. I no longer need to wait until I get what I want to be happy, I’m happy regardless, because I took the time to plug into source. If I get some of that other stuff today, awesome. If not, that’s cool too because I put the horse before the cart and, as a result, ILML!