Soul Medicine

“… The consciousness of God’s love … brings wonderful relief from the cares and worries of our daily lives. Relief brings peace and peace brings contentment. Try to walk in God’s love.” – Twenty Four Hours A Day

I once heard someone say “be careful of what you’re thinking, your mind is listening.” That was a very important lesson for me. The more I think about the problem, or the fear, or a resentment, the more I tend to manifest what comes out of those thoughts. But like the quote from 24 Hours, when I think of God (love/gratitude) I am relived of stress, I calm down and I suddenly feel, once again, at peace. God consciousness is good medicine for my soul. ILML! – James


“Recently I reacted to a situation. I started to get angry – really angry… anger is just one letter short of danger… that one-second choice between working my anger or working my program…” – Courage to Change

For me, anger is my warning siren that I’m in fear, and fear indicates that I’ve gotten disconnected from my HP. So my solution to staying out of the drama of anger is to plug back into my HP – pretty difficult to do when I’m mad, but not impossible. My secret is to (1) be aware when I’m getting angry (2) take one really deep breath in and out, and (3) get away from the cause of my anger ASAP. If I can say something nice like “sorry, I can’t talk right now” even better. But either way, if I detach right away I can avoid the emotional hangover, the wreckage and the amends I would otherwise need to make, if I did not detach. And there you have it, another little lesson I’ve learned on how to stay happy, joyous and free in recovery! ILML – James

Journey to Enlightenment

“… hug someone three times, breathing in and out with awareness. During the first hug, you both think about how, at some time — you don’t know when — you will no longer be here. During the second hug, you both focus on how, at some time — you don’t know when — the other person will no longer be here. During the third hug, you truly take in that you both are here now, together in this precious moment.” Thich Nhat Hanh’s Hugging Meditation, as outlined in Attitudes of Gratitude

Until this morning, I’d never heard of the Hugging Meditation. Leave it to Thitch to create a meditation that, not only brings in gratitude for the present moment, but allows me to share it with someone I love. I’m already feeling grateful just from discovering another secret path towards my journey to enlightenment! ILML!

A Practical Recipe

“… a practical recipe for getting out of trouble… overcome any difficulty… have an open mind… stop thinking of the trouble, whatever it is… drive the thought of difficulty right out of your consciousness, substituting for it the thought of God. This is the crux of the whole thing.” – The Golden Key by Emmet Fox

This God thing is rough for a lot of people I know. How can we believe in something we can’t see? Why should we believe others that there is a God? If God exists, and is good, why all the bad stuff? I struggled for a long time with these questions until I just decided to believe 100%, knowing I may be just “pretending”. Today it doesn’t matter if God is or isn’t “real”. My truth is that my life is better with God in it – way better. I’m just way happier believing. Emmet’s Golden Key is a great reminder to me that if I think of my God (love, gratitude, peace), the problem loses its grip on my mind. I’m grateful for all the wonderful tools I continue to discover which show me how to love my life more fully. Everyday I’m super stoked that ILML! – James

Sharing the Program

“… healthy meetings begin with me… I do my best to focus on sharing the positive rather than the negative… and encourage others to do the same… If a meeting doesn’t go well, I speak up and try to put in my share to get back on track.” Hope For Today

My favorite format for sharing at meetings is to first share a challenge I’ve recently experienced, then talk about how I applied the program to it, and finally describe the outcome, even if its just a better attitude or acceptance. This method of sharing is program-centered, makes me feel good about contributing to the fellowship, and helps remind others that our program offers solutions to problems other than just alcohol and drugs. And I learned this from watching other healthy members of our program share. I love the program, and ILML! – James