The Hand Trick

Here’s something that has helped me countless times when I can’t seem to rid my mind of something that is making me unhappy. For this to work we have to trust that whatever we give to God, he’s ready and been waiting for us to ask him to help.

We put our two hands together, making a shallow bowl, pinky to pinky, palms up. We close our eyes and visualize that God places his hands about 4″ under ours.

We put into our hands those things we simply can’t handle anymore, the ones we need help with, those that keep recycling between our ears.

After mentally placing those things into our hands, we cup our hands together, pinkies together on bottom, thumbs together on top, space in the middle to hold those things we’ve placed there.

Then we ask God, preferably out loud, for his help. We tell him about these things, how hard they are for us. How we can’t handle them alone anymore. How we need his help with them, so we can be of maximum useful service to him and our fellows.

Then we open up our hands by separating the pinkies, letting those things fall into his hands. Imagine him catching them and being relieved that we have finally asked him for help, he’s been waiting, watching us try to handle them alone, hoping we would come to him.

Then we thank God for his help. Done right, we feel a tingle up our spine, God’s way of saying “I got your back now”!

This is one of the most powerful
Exercises I’ve found to relieve me of the clutter in my life and mind. Enjoy!


Just an update that, in 2013, still using this trick quite often and it still woes for me!

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