Vision Statement

On September 20th, 2015, my dear friend Adam T. send me a gratitude list. One of the items listed was “I have started reading my vision statement every morning”. When I asked him what’s that? He said he hadn’t realized that he didn’t have a clear picture of what he wanted, it was blurry. He resisted at first, but eventually got very specific and created a Vision Statement.
His words inspired me to ponder what my vision statement has been these last many years. I came to the conclusion that mine could be summed up in one word, “More.” From as young as I can remember, I believed that having more things would make me happier – and the more of them, the better. Reflecting on this, I realized that “more” presented some problems as a Vision Statement, namely, that I could never achieve my Vision – I’d always fall short. So I decided to change this by writing a new Vision Statement the very next day.
I’m going to print this, frame it and place it in my home, read it every day, and, with the guidance of my higher power, take real action to manifest it. Regardless of it I achieve it, fall short, or change it down the road, I’m enlightened to have gone through this exercise and to have a new Vision to aspire towards in my life.

James' Vision Statement