I Want to Let Go

“Our desires, our wants, and our anxieties are spiritual issues. What at first we think we want may only hide deeper, more vulnerable, and painful feelings. When we admit the deeper fears and desires, we move closer to the spiritual truths of our lives.” – Touchstones 9/26

I like how this says that our wants may very well be not at all what we need to live a better life. I think a lot of times that my desires are based upon fear and, like the quote says, they are an attempt to escape deeper, vulnerable, and painful feelings. Today I want to let go of everything that I want and leave it up to my higher power to lead me to what I need. In order for me to do this I must be connected to my higher power through my daily spiritual work and the tools of the program that have been given to me. Today I am staying close to my HP and living happy, joyous, and free. ILML!
— JasonW

My Best Plan is not THE Best Plan

“When we hold loosely to our daily plans, we are more open to knowing the will of our higher power. Then each day is a spiritual process. It becomes a combined creation of our higher power and our own consciousness.”– Touchstones 8/4

My self-will wants to have everything planned out how I think it should be to get what I want. But I now know after years of being sober and working this program that my best plan is not the best plan. If I got everything that I wanted I would very likely be in big trouble. When I stay close to my higher power through the tools of this program I am able to relax and take the next right indicated action. The tools of the program such as praying/meditating, spiritual reading and writing, meetings, etc. allow me to be open to my higher power. When I let go and let my higher power guide me, I live happy, joyous, and free; I am open to abundance and I become exactly who I am supposed to be. Today I’ll relax and know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. ILML!

— JasonW

If I Stay Connected

“The repeated challenge in our spiritual life is to leave the secure trappings we know and take comfort in the still unknown new self. That is the leap of faith. We take the risk and trust something will be there for us. We have faith that letting go of our immediate attachments will bring us to a better place, that God will be there for us.” – Touchstones 7/30
Though I want and strive for material possessions every day through hard work and my drive to succeed financially, I know that my spiritual life makes everything worthwhile no matter what I have materially. This program has allowed me to confront my ego, as it says in another part of this reading, and allow me to find humility. 

My ego is strong and prevents me from experiencing the sunlight of the Spirit. It tells me I need to look like this, have this much money, buy this or that and be impressive on the outside. 

When I take care of myself spiritually through the tools of the program we have been so generously given, I open myself up to abundance which includes material things in my life. But whether I have them or not, if I stay connected to my higher power on a daily basis I can live happy, joyous, and free no matter what my life looks like on the outside. I am going to do the work today and stay in the solution. ILML!

— JasonW

The Key to Living Happy

“God can be your shield. Then no problems of the world can harm you. Between you and all scorn and indignity from others is your trust in God, like a shining shield. Nothing can then have the power to spoil your inward peace.”– 24 Hours a Day 7/28
This tells me that no matter what the situation may be, no matter how much I dislike it, I have no reason to be upset. If I truly trust in my higher power, then I know that everything happens exactly as it is supposed to. Nothing is an accident. If I do my job, which is to stay connected to my higher power through AA meetings, helping others, my spiritual daily rituals, etc., then I can 100% trust in my higher power and there’s no reason to let anything seriously upset me. 

This is easier said than done a lot of the time. But, I think this is the key to living happy, joyous, and free on a daily basis. Through the tools that we have been given from this program, I am set free no matter what happens. ILML!

— JasonW

Staying out of Outcomes

“When I put the 7th Step into action I must remember that there are no blanks to fill in. It doesn’t say, “Humbly asked him to (fill in the blank) remove our shortcomings.” Four years, I filled in the imaginary blank with “Help me!” “Give me the courage to,” and “Give me the strength,” etc. The only footwork I must do is “humbly ask,” which for me means asking with the knowledge that of myself I am nothing, the father within “doeth the works.”– Daily Reflections 7/20

This quote shows me how much I still do try to use self-will and control outcomes in my life. I often ask for my HP to “give me the courage” or “give me the strength” opposed to completely turning my person, place, thing, or situation over to him and knowing that whatever happens is exactly what is supposed to happen according to God’s will. 

My job is to turn it over and take the next right indicated action and that’s it. Today I’m going to stay out of outcomes, realize that I only need to do the work to stay spiritually connected, and accept everything that happens as being God’s will. ILML!

— JasonW

A Grateful, Sober Man

“As long as I have the humility to be grateful for what I have, God continues to provide for me.”– Daily Reflections 7/18

I think it is really just very simple. As long as I do my spiritual work on a daily basis, and when I feel troubled, find what I am grateful for, I am doing God’s will. When I am upset about anything, I have somehow fallen into self will just need to find gratitude. Gratitude is such a gift and this program has giving me the simple tools I need in order to live as a grateful, sober man. Today I’m focusing on gratitude. ILML!

— JasonW

Reinvest Myself

“God can only do for me what he can do through me. Humility is the result of knowing that God is the doer, not me. I ask God on a daily basis to remove my shortcomings, in order that I may more freely go about my AA business of “love and service.”– Daily Reflections 7/9/15

In order for me to be an instrument of my higher power I have to work the 12 steps on a daily basis. As a man with alcoholism, this is the only way for me to find humility and be out of self-will. The more humility I find, the more abundant my life is. When I am upset about something, I am on the fence, in self-will. Today I’m going to reinvest myself in my daily spiritual rituals, go to a meeting in be an instrument of my higher power so I can truly love my life.

— JasonW