The One Hour Recovery Program

Here’s what I suggest for everyone that doesn’t have a few hours each morning to spend doing their recovery rituals, and needs to keep it down to an hour. A pdf of it is available at the bottom. Enjoy…



(For those who would like ALL the promises on page 83-84)


3 Important Things to Do

(1) Go to Bucks or a coffee shop you can park very close to – don’t do this at home. Use earplugs if the noise bothers you, but being at a public place is important to avoid isolating.

(2) Leave phone, computer, iPad, etc in the car.

(3) Bring a watch to time yourself.

Bring only the following things in with you:

(1) A journal.

(2) A couple pens and highlighters.

(3) Hope for Today or Courage to Change (Al-Anon).

(4) The Language of Letting Go (Melody Beattie).

(5) Daily Reflections (AA).

(6) Earplugs if it’s too hard to concentrate,

Set your timer for each interval to stay on track and be accountable with time:

5 min: STEPS – Read the step of the month and the principle (see bottom of this list). Step 1 in Jan, 2 in Feb, etc.

5 min: MEDITATE – With eyes closed, think about the step and principle and how to apply it today (See bottom of this text).

5 min: Journal – Write date, time, place, and a brief summary of what’s been happening since yesterday. Make note of any good stuff and things you can improve. If you owe an amends write it and then immediately call and make it or text. Don’t use the word “sorry”.

5 min: Read – Courage to Change. Highlight what’s good.

5 min: Read – Hope for today. Highlight what’s good.

5 min: Read – Until Today. Highlight what’s good.

5 min: Get phone from car.

10 min: Write – as a text message your daily gratitude list and send it out (at least to me) on the phone.*

15 min: Write – as a text message one highlighted sentence from one of the 3 books you read, followed by 2 sentences (max 30 words) of experience strength and hope related directly to that text. See

Now go start your day knowing that you’re not a half-measures person and you put your program 1st!

* Note: Using the regular group texting on cell phones creates a problem, in that, when someone responds to you, they end up responding to everyone else in the group, which is annoying. I suggest an app called Group Text! By Andrea Vettori. You’ll avoid that problem. It’s easy to add/subtract too.

PDF Version here: OneHourOfRecoverProgram