Welcome to the 12 Step Work site. I’ve created this to allow my sponsees and others to download step work sheets and information to help work their program and increase their happiness, joy and freedom. Soon I’ll allow others to post their sheets, add blogs, and more social interaction. Perhaps eventually allow people to put in their info and offer to be temporary sponsors. Maybe even list favorite meetings. For now, I’m just getting started, so enjoy!

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  2. Hey!

    I was introduced to this site by Richie who came out to speak at our Young People’s Convention (VicYPAA 2011). Awesome resource!!! Thanks heaps!



    • Here’s the link to Al-Anon. They can help you find information on literature and meetings in your area. You can also find some of it at Amazon.com. I encourage you to try at least 4 or 5 different meetings until you find a group that feels safe and comfortable for you. Enjoy the ride!


  3. We recently started a 12-step group as part of our outpatient substance abuse program for veterans, these worksheets will be very helpful in helping our vets carry out the steps. Thank you for sharing your information.


  4. Hi James, thank you for all the great info & the worksheets are AMAZING!! I am using the 4th step ones with my sponsee right now. I wondered if there is a way to edit them, as there are a few spelling errors & I don’t know how to change your text. Any tips would be appreciated!! Thank you again!!


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