This page is basically a list of questions I’m most often asked. Let me know if any of this helps by liking this page and I’ll keep posting them!

(Note this is only my personal opinion based upon my experience, strength and hope. It is not the official opinion of any 12 step program).

I want the God thing but don’t believe. How do I get it?

I was in the same position at about 10 years sober. I really wanted to have all the great stuff everyone in meetings talked about because of their connection with the higher power. I asked someone who had been around for a long time what to do, and his suggestion worked for me. He said (read more…)

I’m really upset about a romantic breakup and can’t stop thinking about it. How do I get my mind to stop obsessing and being upset or in self-pity?

This is a very common issue among the alcoholics that I sponsor. In step 4 of the Twelve & Twelve, page 53, it says

“The primary fact that we fail to recognize is our total inability to form a true partnership with another human being. Our egomania digs two disastrous pitfalls. Either we insist upon dominating the people we know, or we depend upon them far too much”. 

So does that mean we’re hopeless? No. So how have I gotten out of it? By (read more…)

How do I find a good sponsor?

First identify what you’re looking for in a sponsor. Here are some things to consider? (read more…)

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