Self-Love Affirmations

Printing any of these out and saying them every morning, while looking at yourself is a powerful way to affirm that you love who you are. It’s also the first step in manifesting a life that you love! And for more ways to love yourself, check out this post here.



9 thoughts on “Self-Love Affirmations

    • Awesome. That’s really kind of you to say. My goal is to share my experience, strength and hope with others that they may find a way to really love their lives. Your comment means so much!


  1. I found your website and I am using your worksheets and daily affirmations for myself and for my fist sponsee.
    As a teacher, i love doing the steps using worksheets as there is a beginning and an end instead of open ended essay writing.
    My sponsee and i just started…looking forward to helping her conquer her fears and stay sober.


  2. I love each and everyone of these posts on self love .They are very important to my sobriety and others that might need it. Send send any others u may have to my email address.
    Thank you
    Tacy Mattice


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