I Get To Choose

Today I get I get to choose how I experience my life. If I choose to be happy, then I’m happy. If I choose to feel shitty, I’ll feel shitty. I have a choice today. Not every day is easy. Many days are challenging and don’t seem to go the way I’d like. But that doesn’t mean I need to define those days as good or bad. Every day I breath another sober breath is a good day. Today I choose to have a good experience. Therefore I choose happiness.  
I love my life! Aaron

Be an Instrument

“A.A. has taught me that I will have peace of mind in exact proportion to the peace of mind I bring into the lives of the other people…” — AA, Freedom from Bondage 

So the next logical question would be: “Am I bringing peace into the lives of my family, friends and others, or am I bringing chaos, drama?” Each morning I read from books about finding peace, gratitude and love, and sharing it with others. I pray and meditate, calming my mind and centering my purpose, which is to love myself and others. So do I always bring peace? Not at all, sometimes I bring drama, usually when I’m not doing my daily rituals. But by living each day in a way that allows me to be an instrument of God’s peace, and then actually bringing peace into the lives of those I touch, ILML! 

– JamieQ

Staying out of Neediness 

“Living upon the basis of unsatisfied demands… no peace was to be had…” — 12&12 p. 76

Once again we discover that our pain, suffering and misery is a direct result of our attachment to people, places, things and expectations. The question then becomes “How do we transform our “needs” and “expectations” into “simple desires”? Here is my solution: (1) I found a higher power that personally resonated for and from me, (2) I put together and work a set of spiritual rituals that help me stay close to this higher powered source of love and gratitude, (3) I become very aware of those moments when I’m in a place of neediness and expectation, often masked as fear or anger, (4) I reach out to this higher power, my rituals and others who live in solution to get back into acceptance and gratitude, and (5) I share the solution with others. When I stay out of expectations and neediness, what’s left is gratitude, and then ILML! 

— JamieQ

No Matter How Busy

“Consistent actions create consistent results.” – Christine Kane
Back in the good old dark days, I consistently took actions that kept me imprisoned in a hell of my own creating. I drank and used consistently everyday. I blamed others and hated my life consistently. I was disappointed, angry, envious and full of self-pity consistently. As a result I did not love my life, to say the least. It took me 20 years of sobriety, and a lot of AlAnon, before I discovered a set of actions I could regularly take that would guarantee me a very different experience – one resulting in a feeling of extreme gratefulness. Now that I know what to do, I do it… consistently… no matter how busy I am. When I send out my gratitude to others, read and comment on theirs, infuse my mind with words from inspirational books, share recovery with others, connect with my higher power, and take a daily inventory, I get rocketed to the 4th dimension and ILML!

– JamieQ

My own Personal Figment

“Point imagination toward the right objectives… no man can build a house until he first envisions a plan for it.” – 12&12 p.100
After years of firmly believing that God was a figment of people’s imagination, I finally decided to create my own personal fig. Guess what happened? It worked! Life is way more fun with my higher power. I used my imagination again 3 years ago when I bought large a property with a small guest house on it in Maui. I started imagining and sketching out ideas for building main house in my journal, even though I had no financial resources to do so. Today that home is being built and it’s beyond my wildest dreams. When I use my imagination for good, do the footwork, and then really give the results to God, ILML!  

— JamieQ

5 Principles of Loving Life 

“Unless you do specific things to raise your levels of happiness and energy and positivity, you will be continually sucked down. You have to take an active role in making yourself happy.” —Shay Carl Butler

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here is the way I stay happy and love my life: (1) I search daily to increase my understanding and awareness of ways I can get into gratitude and love my life, (2) I take a daily inventory, writing down what’s going on in my life, getting it out of my brain and onto paper, (3) I practice being hyper-aware the moment I start to feel unhappy, (4) With this awareness, I immediately apply the tools I’ve been studying and learning to get me back into feeling good right away, and (5) I attempt to share the secrets of loving life with as many others as I can. By practicing these 5 principles every day, no matter what’s going on, ILML!

— JamieQ

Bad Feelings Disappear

“My mind is like a great big closet needing to be cleaned out on a regular basis… removing what doesn’t fit… rearranging what is left gives me a clearer picture of what I need to keep, what needs to be thrown away, and what I need to acquire.” – Reaching for Personal Freedom 

Each day, we experience and think about things — some healthy, some not so much. When we allow unhealthy thoughts to swirl around our minds with the healthy ones, it’s just not fun. That’s what it used to be like for me, before I started writing everyday in my journal. The process gives me the opportunity to remove my unhealthy thoughts, in a safe, private forum. I receive clarity in my life as my writing transforms those fears and discomforts into growth, recovery and gratitude. We don’t need to feel bad anymore. If you haven’t started journaling daily, I highly suggest starting right now. Pick up your journal, or buy one, and watch the bad feelings disappear. When I step up for myself, and insist on taking the actions that make me feel good, ILML! 

— JamieQ