Real Life Problems

“It is a design for living that works… But could it work on real life problems, not concerned with drinking? I had my doubts.” – Daily Reflections 
Since I’ve gotten sober, I’ve been through a few “real life problems”. I’ve become really, desperately broke, many times. I got married, and divorced, and married again, and almost divorced again. I had four kids in sobriety. I had an inoperable brain tumor, shoulder surgery, my appendix taken out, and was prescribed lots of drugs. I’ve been lied to, stolen from and cheated by others. I’ve had a million other problems. AA, Alanon, recovery friends, my sponsor, my higher power and the principles of the program pulled me through every time — as long as I stayed in the center of the life raft I was safe. When I stick with the program and keep myself spiritually fit, I can survive any problem, I come out even stronger, and ILML! 

– JamieQ

“It is a design for living that works… But could it work on real life problems, not concerned with drinking? I had my doubts.” – Daily Reflections 

Skipping Down the Beach

“Practice having fun… let ourselves go a little.” – The Language of Letting Go 

A huge breakthrough in my ability to lighten the f$&# up and have some fun, was doing the 40 day love letter exercise suggested by Iyanla Vanzant in her book Until Today. By writing love letters to young Jamie boy, and eventually writing letters from him to big James, I welcomed my inner child back into my life. I remember forcing myself to skip down the beach, jump in the ocean, roll in the sand, and do it all over again. I knew people were watching, so I yelled out I love my life. I tried not to care. It was scary, ridiculous, yet fun. That was over 5 years ago and I’m still trying to have more fun, and be a little sillier, each day of my life. Because the more I enjoy living, the more ILML! 

– Jamie

Keeping My Mouth Closed

“I have found that as your wisdom and maturity develop, the number of other people you blame for your own circumstances shrinks.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

The reality is that nobody, especially me, likes to be blamed. And though it’s impossible to never blame anyone, it is possible to keep my mouth closed. Then I can practice getting the focus back on things that make me feel way better, like gratitude. Of course, I may need to set some healthy boundaries and practice detatching sooner, but blaming others with my mouth (either to them or gossiping about them to others) never leaves me feeling good inside. When I practice forgiveness, take responsibility for my behavior, calmly detach as necessary, and keep my mouth closed when I’m upset, feel like blaming, or want to gossip, ILML! 

– JamieQ

My Yellow Daisy

“Thinking positive thoughts will eventually manifest into a positive life…” – Willwyn’s Creed

I absolutely, positively believe this to be true. I imagine a single bright yellow daisy planted in a pot at my kitchen window sill in full bloom. That flower is so tall, happy and pretty, reaching for the sun and stars. But the moment I start getting upset, unhappy, frustrated, anxious, fearful or overwhelmed, I’ve lost my connection to source, looking up, I notice that my beautiful flower has started to wilt and the petals are curling in. Luckily, all I need to in in order to bring it back to its full glory is to work my program. By using the AA (Atttude Adjustment) Tools I’ve so freely been given, I really can manifest a wonderful experience at any moment throughout my day, no matter what’s going on around me. And when I do that… ILML! 

– JamieQ

The Shit Magnet

“Life can be full of wonder and delight, provided I do not let my expectations override my acceptance.” Adapted from Daily Reflections

Lately I’ve been listening to videos upon awakening. I google “morning affirmations” and listen to different ones each day while doing yoga in my bed, and it feels amazing. The reason doing things like this, and meditating, exercising, doing service work, getting to meetings, fellowshipping, reading inspirational books, journaling, and writing gratitude lists is so important for me is because some part of my brain is always trying to get me to focus on the problems and difficulties in my life. I call that part of my brain “The Shit Magnet”. It wants to activate and accumulate everything that makes me feel shitty. By taking contrary, spiritual actions, I distract it, redirecting the flow of energy away from the shitty stuff and onto the good stuff. And when I’m able to do that… ILML! 

– Jamie Q

Loving Up The Boogie Man

“Many of us have been afraid for so long… it feels normal.” – Until Today

I’d like you to try a visualization. Imagine a childhood fear, like the Boogie Man in the dark closet late at night. Imagine seeing past his fangs, his drooling saliva, and his howling scream. Now slowly, with invincible courage and faith, walk up to him, put your arms around him and say, “It’s ok. Don’t be scared. I love you.” Imagine his face softening and as he gently lays his head upon your shoulder, he wraps his arms around you. When you look up, he’s no longer a scary Boogie Man, instead he’s just a child that was yearning to be loved. From this point forward, when the Boogie Man appears in your life, whether in others, or in a scary experience, or even inside of us, close your eyes, wrap your arms around him, and give him your courageous love. When I am fearless enough to choose love rather than reacting in anger or self-pity, the Boogie Man just melts away and… ILML!   

– JamieQ

Intended Manifestation of Increased Goodness

“… placing my will and my life into the care of a Higher Power.” – Courage to Change 

It’s easy for me to place my will and my life into the hands of God when I’m spiritually centered, when I’m at a meeting, when everything is going my way, or when I’m praying or meditating. But it’s a whole other story for me to do it when I’m frustrated, things are not going my way, or I am determined to get something that I want. In those moments, I am driving the car, and telling God to hop into the backseat. I am under the delusion that I can handle things much better than my higher power. What I have forgotten is that God is not some control freak trying to prevent me from being happy. Rather, my higher power is the intended manifestation of increased goodness in my life. So why in the world would try to push that away? When I take the time to nurture my mind, body and spirit with love, kindness, understanding and gratitude, I much more likely to have God guiding my thoughts, attitudes, and actions. And when that’s going on… ILML!

– JamieQ