A Channel of HP’s Peace!

Welcome to the 12 Step Work site. I’ve created this to allow my sponsees and others to download step work sheets and information to help work their program and increase their happiness, joy and freedom. Soon I’ll allow others to post their sheets, add blogs, and more social interaction. Perhaps eventually allow people to put in their info and offer to be temporary sponsors. Maybe even list favorite meetings. For now, I’m just getting started, so enjoy!

4 thoughts on “A Channel of HP’s Peace!

  1. To All: I just read something from “Recovery, the Sacred Art” that I would like to share it with you….

    Suffering is a gift, a catalist for compassion…

    Suffering humbles us; it allows us to have compassion for others. Perfection would be the greater evil. If we were perfect, whole, complete unto ourselves we couldn’t relate to one another at all. There can be no love between two perfect beings, for one who is perfect needs nothing and has nothing to offer.

    What is so wonderful about this is that it allows us to honor our addiction and our mistakes. Not to celebrate them, not to perpetuate them, but to honor them as the cracks that let in the light of healing.

    There is a crack in everything. Life is broken, and it is in its’ brokenness that makes it livable. But we are somehow of a mind-set that cracks have to be patched. Patching the cracks is trying to control life, rather than engage it. To engage life we have to find the cracks and enter them, rather than deny or patch them. (pg 21)

    Thanks for letting me share…with Aloha


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