Without Expectations

“I am careful to remember that self-satisfaction, which sometimes comes through the spoken forgiveness of those I have harmed, is not my true objective. I become willing to make amends, knowing that through this process I am mended and made fit to move forward, to know and desire God’s will for me.”
– Daily Reflections 8/2

I believe this program turns our selfish and self-seeking behavior into actions taken to connect to a higher power and build our spiritual life. I remember thinking at one time that if I didn’t act selfishly I wouldn’t get what I wanted. It turns out it’s the opposite. When I take actions to seek God’s will without expectations of what I will receive I open myself up for abundance in every area of my life. Making amends and truly showing that humility keeps me happy, joyous, and free one day at a time. ILML!

– JasonW

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