ONLY The Good Stuff

“If I’m troubled I’ll focus on what I can change to make the situation better, rather than expecting others to do the changing. This will bring me peace.” – Adapted from Courage to Change 

In any given day there are a million miracles and wonderful things that happen. I open my eyes and see. I get to live and breath easily. I feel the sun or the rain or the snow on my skin. I smile, laugh, dance and say hello. A million amazing things, every day. But throughout the day there are around 100 things that happen that can make me feel bad if I allow them to. Did you get that last part? “If I allow them to?” Yes, we have a choice as to whether or not we’re negatively affected by people, places and things or instead to detach and focus on just the good stuff. It’s almost Christmas and I’m choosing to look at ONLY the good stuff today, and by doing so ILML! 

– JamieQ

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