Grace the Space

“… an emotion is just an emotion. It comes, it stays for a while, and then it goes away… Relax when strong emotions come… Breathe in and out… pay attention to the rise and fall of your belly.” – Thitch Nhat Hanh
“And this too shall pass.” – 12 Step Saying

The saying “Feelings aren’t facts,” never resonated with me. Perhaps it’s because the fact that I’m feeling my feelings is a fact, and a good one at that! I no longer need to turn to alcohol, drugs, people or other distractions to get away from my feelings. When I’m feeling highly emotional, breathing is a great, healthy way to grace the space and pause when agitated. My uncomfortable emotions never last forever. When they do come around, I avoid unhealthy behavior by applying the tools I’ve learned in our program, and then, once again, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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