Stepping Stones

“When the consciousness is kept on God, you will have no fears; every obstacle will then be overcome by courage and faith.” — The Law Of Success

My father sent me these two little books recently by Paramahansa Yogananda (the other is “How You Can Talk With God”. The passage above reminds me that I can’t be in fear and faith at the same time. I’ve used the idea in conjunction with awareness to help me maintain reshape obstacles into stepping stones towards abundance.

First I’ve become really good at recognizing when I’m feeling uncomfortable. This is critical for me to get out of it. Next I remember that discomfort or did-ease means that I have somehow unplugged from source (God, Love, Goodness, Serenity, etc). And finally I use one of my many tools to detach from the toxic thought, situation or person and reconnect to my higher power.

This simple but effective strategy decreases the difficulties in my life while expanding the opportunities for happiness so that, even when I’m feeling bad, I can change things up so that ILML!


2 thoughts on “Stepping Stones

  1. Hi Jamie.
    I’m Roberto an A.A. from Italy. I would like you to explain me something more in depth about: “… to detach from the toxic thought, situation or person…”. Who is a “toxic person” for you? I ask you because someone (another A.A. member) told me that I’m one of those.


    • Aloha Roberto. When I say toxic I mean the opposite of loving. Of course, there are times and situations when I am toxic, usually the result of not staying close to my program, recovery rituals and higher power. It’s rare for that toxicity to rear it’s ugly head when I’m cleaning my home, and car, and work area, praying with my heart, yelling out positive affirmations, sharing gratitude lists with others, exercising, being productive, being of service to others, taking care of my responsibilities, journaling, reading from inspirational and approved literature, writing inspirational blogs, going to meetings, and sharing my experience strength and hope. But when I start straying away from those actions, my words and behaviors are no longer indicative of a great man. That’s when I am told I am toxic, which in itself is a gift, reminding me to get back to the basics, because I am offending others. It’s like God’s voice is coming through them. It may hurt to hear I’m toxic, but if I really want to live in the solution, I’ll say “Thank you” to those people. Because when I’m truly being unselfish and loving in all my affairs, no one ever calls me toxic.


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