Spectacular Love

“… let the peace of God’s care envelope us like a soft blanket.” — In God’s Care

The only thing I have to do in order to feel the presence of God in my life this very moment, is to think of God. When I consciously, and with clear intent, reach out and ask The God of my Understanding to come into my heart, I instantly feel the presence of God’s comfort; the guidance, help, and the love that I so yearn for is suddenly upon me.

Perhaps this is true for me because I have a friendship with God, one that I nurture daily. I have conversations with God, frequently out loud, when I’m at home alone and in my car. I frequently write to my Higher Power in my journal. When I’m worried about a meeting or conversation with another person, I imagine my Higher Power sitting in a chair near me while that event is transpiring, guiding my words, thoughts and actions, and keeping my motives aligned with his will for me, that of being happy, joyous, free, kind, loving, compassionate and true to myself.

This relationship didn’t happen overnight. I finally got the courage to seek a higher power 10 years after I got sober. Over the last 25 years, my understanding, relationship and friendship has grown to the point that I rely on God’s guidance in all my affairs.

When I’m enveloped by my Higher Power’s love, I feel safe and protected, regardless of what’s transpiring in my life. It’s only by connecting and depending upon this source of spectacular love that ILML!

— JamieQ

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