At The Top of my Lungs

“… help me accept my powerlessness and remove my need to control in order to feel valued and loved.” — Reaching for Personal Freedom

Each and every step in our program will have a profound, life-changing effect upon us when we actively practice the suggested actions of that particular step.

In the case of steps 6 & 7, my character defects have begun to be removed only by being self-aware enough of that, when those defects rear up their ugly head, I can see them for exactly what they are —behaviors I no longer wish to engage in.

Once I have that and awareness, I reach out to the source of energy which provides all of my abundance, asking for help to prevent (or if I’ve already behaved badly, amend) that unloving behavior. It’s only been by practicing this proactive solution that have begun to abstain from engaging in thoughts, actions and words that don’t reflect the person I want to be.

By consistently spotting, abstaining and amending these defects of character that corrode my life and my relationships, I continue to commit to this wonderful, never-ending process of evolving into a better, more loving, and happier person, that guy who goes around town yelling out, at the top of my lungs and with enthusiasm … ILML!

— JamieQ

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