Sharing Experience, Strength & Hope

“Whatever your problems, there are those among us who have had them too.” – Typical Closing in Al-Anon Meetings

I cannot imagine a life without the people in the programs of AA and Al-Anon – they are the lifeblood of my recovery. By listening to them, particularly with my heart rather than my mind, I hear solutions that I can apply to my everyday life situations.

But everything said in meetings doesn’t point to a solution. That’s why we have the sayings, “Principles above Personalities” and “Some are sicker than others”.

When I sponsor men, I explain the importance of always sharing our experience, strength and hope. For me, when I’m spiritually centered, it’s become almost automatic. First, I share a situation which presented a problem in my life – this is the experience. Then, I share the tools of the program that I used as a solution – this is the strength.  Then I share the positive results that occurred – this is the hope.

Sharing recovery affects others in a positive way, encouraging them that, by applying the program to their problems, they can experience amazing results. It also reminds me of the success I’ve had by using the tools,encouraging me to continue applying them to all the problems and challenges that occur in my everyday life. 

By studying, sharing and applying the tools of the program, I can find place my problems in their true perspective and find solutions that lead to serenity. And when I do that… ILML!  

– JamieQ

Experience, Strenght & Hope

From the Heart

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