Forever Grateful

“Who wishes to be rigorously honest and tolerant? Who wants to confess his faults to another and make restitution for harm done? Who cares anything about a Higher Power, let alone meditation and prayer? Who wants to sacrifice time and energy in trying to carry the A.A.’s message to the next sufferer? Under the lash of alcoholism … Then, and only then, do we become open-minded to conviction … We stand ready to do anything that will lift the merciless obsession from us.”  – Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 24

I find it ironic that it took me to get my ass totally kicked in order to find the program and start feeling better. Then it took me being unhappy in the program, to get me to really work it. And after all this pain and suffering, both out and in recovery, I discovered that the secret to happiness was simply being a kind, patient, tolerant, loving guy who takes responsibility for his actions, makes amends when I’ve done wrong,  tries to forgive others when they’ve done wrong, and shows up to help others wherever I can. The program has given me so many tools to be and stay happy, and I keep discovering more secret tips from reading, journaling, and listening to others in meetings and fellowship. I’m so incredibly lucky – how could I not love my life? Forever grateful to both AA and Alanon… ILML!

Squandering our Time

BB pg.66 “To the precise extent that we permit these, do we squander the hours that might have been worthwhile.”

This sentence is in reference to resentments, but I can apply its message to many areas of my character… Judgment, righteousness, anger, fear, etc. Today I want to live a happy, loving, and effective life full of purpose. Written inventory is the beginning of the process whose payoff is a right-sized way of life. iLmL – Richie