Bad versus Good

“Bad makes its living trying to make you forget about what is good! Bad is not going to pass you by because you read self-help books … Bad is going to show up … Show bad that you have unshakable faith … Put on your faith boots! … Pull out your faith tools, and be willing to stand in the faith of good. If you feel a little weary, take a break. Allow yourself to take a meditative pause. Indulge yourself with a deep breath and tune up your faith… Just for today, flex your faith muscles and shake your good fist in bad’s face.” -Until Today

I don’t like to look at things as bad and good, just different opportunities to experience and grow in life. Some are more challenging than others – those we grow more from. But I get this quote and like it. I won’t let unmet expectations and tough challenges take me down. I’ll just tighten up the laces on my faith boots and insist that ILML!!! – James

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