I Fully Love Myself

“How do we love ourselves? By acting ‘as if’, forgiving ourselves quickly, giving ourselves treats, being good to ourselves, not depriving ourselves. One day we’ll wake up, look in the mirror, and really love the person looking back at us.” – Adapted from The Language of Letting Go 

I have been practicing letting go of those negative and self-defeating thoughts about me now for almost 14 years and not only do I fully love myself and the man I’m continuing to become, but ILML! 

– JamieQ

Practice Awareness

In spite of the promise of joy that comes from our acts of kindness, the temptations to be self-centered, to hurt others, to fight to get our way, still rear their seductive hands. – In God’s Care

The longer I work this program, the more aware I am of the thoughts circulating inside my mind. “Wow, that’s a nice rainbow”, “hope my bank account is ok”, “did that guy just cut me off?” My thoughts can shift from gratitude to resentment to self-pity and back to gratitude very quickly. Awareness allows me to let go of thoughts that put me in dis-ease, and enjoy all the others. Today I’ll practice awareness of my thoughts so that ILML! 

– JamieQ

Even in my Darkest Days

“My new life in recovery is built upon a spiritual foundation. Although the ground may quiver, regardless of how shaky I feel, I will not fall. I am safe.”- Adapted from Courage to Change 

Even before I was able to accept the idea of a higher power in my life, before I found a higher power of my understanding, before I stepped up my game and really formed a partnership with my higher power, I was being taken care of without knowing it. I was protected, even in my darkest days. There was a purpose for the struggle, one that prepared me to guide others into the light. And so I say these simple words often to my HP: “Thank you.” ILML! 

– JamieQ

Gratitude Lists Rock

“When I remember my gratitude list, it’s very hard to conclude that God is picking on me.” – Daily Relections

I try to do a gratitude list every day of my life. And luckily, I’m surrounded by others in recovery that keep me accountable. I’m in an email G-list group with Adam, John and Frank. I’m in an email G-list text group with Chris, Elle, Russ, Robert and Vida. Mike sends me his every day. Joe, John, Tahir, Clayton, Christoper, Allen, Tom, Aundre, and Ely periodically send me their G-lists. And I send out my G-list to another 23 people as well. I love being in the Attitude of Gratitude and.. ILML! 

– JamieQ

Like a Cyclone

“We are going to know a need freedom and a new happiness.” – Daily Reflections

Every once in awhile I reflect on what life used to be like when the insidious grip of alcohol and drugs dominated my life and the lives of my family. I grew up in an environment where drinking and getting high was glamorized for parents, kids, teachers and even grandparents. The effects were ravenous. Like a cyclone, they destroyed every relationship they touched. Money and marriages were thrown away and I was angry at everyone and everything, including myself. The program has given me a freedom and happiness that I will forever be grateful for. ILML! 

– JamieQ

That Loving Source

“I’m so grateful that our wonderful program does not tell us how to define our Higher Power”. – Reaching for Personal Freedom 

I came into the rooms feeling lost and in trouble. I was looking for a way to feel better, for peace of mind, and a sense of purpose and direction. But had I been told that I needed to believe in a God of someone else’s understanding, like Jesus, ALLaH, Shiva, Krishna or Lakshmi, I couldn’t have stayed. The fellowship allowed me to find a Higher Power that works for me, which took many years. These days I stay fully connected to that wonderful, loving source of life energy all around me AKA my Higher Power. And the more plugged in I am, the more ILML! 

– JamieQ

How Lucky We Are

“A wonderfully nurturing atmosphere is created when people help other people by being themselves and sharing their experiences.” – Courage to Change 

This is the power of our program. It’s not therapy with a professional. No one is an expert. No one has authority over the group or another member. You get to be a member if you, not anyone else, feels that you qualify. And when we begin listening for the similarities and hearing solutions we can apply in our lives, the magic begins. This journey into recovery is like no other – no passport required. How lucky we are to be on this road together seeking a higher powered way of living! ILML!