Feeling the Feelings

“There are times when I have to hurt through a situation and when this happens, the choice is not whether to hurt or not to hurt, but what to do while I am hurting” In All Our Affairs – AlAnon

One thing I’ve learned in recovery is that, eventually the feelings will come – all of them. Sometimes we are bound to feel hurt, sad, angry, scared, frustrated, lost, lonely, hopeless, anxious, overwhelmed and insecure. Without our addictive behaviors there to mask them (feeling number outlets), we get to experience the entire rainbow of emotions – to finally fully live life on life’s terms. These feelings are uncomfortable, but we have a way out – a way to get back to feeling safe, hopeful, content, grateful, happy, inspired and even blissful. We can simply do the things that have proved successful to millions of others in our program, and brought them back into the light when they had fallen into darkness. These tools are here for all of us, and when we pick them up and use them, the rewards are consistently, at least for me, beyond my wildest dreams. Loving life in Maui. – James

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