Celebrate This Success

“Now that the year is at an end, I’ll take a few minutes to contemplate the progress I’ve made, thank my Higher Power for my growth..Celebrate my achievements”. – Courage to Change

In step 10 of the 12&12 it says “It’s a poor day indeed when we haven’t done something right”.
If I’m working on improving myself, then celebrating my achievements is not gloating. It’s healthy. Today I’ll make a list of all that I have achieved and been given in 2015. I’ll celebrate this success by continuing to do what gave me all these gifts – I’ll work my program, be of service and stay connected to my HP. Happy New Year! ILML!

– JamieQ

2014 List of Gifts & Achievements

Renewed our Marriage Vows.
My son got into UC Santa Cruz.
My daughter got into Babson College.
Gave up grain & got super fit.
My shoulder surgery was a success.
Made 32 years of sobriety.
All of my sponsees stayed sober.
I bought a House in Maui.
My business is still very successful.
Christmas was amazing.
Still keeping program 1st in life.
I still have my amazing sponsor.
I’ve taken on no new resentments.
I’ve surrendered some old ones.
My relationship with God deepened.
I added about 20 new business clients.
I’ve begun meditating more often.
I renewed 12stepwork.com blogging.
My son graduated from UCSB.
My daughter moved closer to home.
I bought my son a drone.
I started earning money in new ways.
My dad got remarried. I love his wife.
I practiced often & improved on guitar.
I did a lot of nice things for my wife.
I walked through fear with lots of faith.
I took good care of me physically.
I took good care of me spiritually.
I took good care of me emotionally.
I took care of myself medically.
I went to 100+ AA & Alanon meetings.
I was charitable to unfortunate people.
I became so much more tolerant.
I decreased my frequency of blaming.
I signed up for less drama in my life.
I was of real value to others in life.
I learned to love myself a lot more.
My love for life increased even more.

– JamieQ

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