The Two Me’s

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” Rumi

This quote reminds me of the two me’s. One of me is always looking for the deal, the shortcut, the easy way, some system that allows me to bypass the work and still get the rewards.

I disguise the motives of this me by saying things like “I’d rather work smart than work hard”, but what I really mean is “I’d rather be clever than have to do the footwork”.

I spent many years, both before and after program, looking for the golden ticket. This idea manifested itself in behaviors like starting projects but not finishing them, making resolutions I didn’t keep, and even starting businesses and giving up before they had a chance to succeed.

The new me, the one that dominates in my life, was tired of the old me and his magical thinking. Nothing against dreams, wishes and magic, it’s just that the new me understands that diligent work is what makes those dreams come true.

Today the new me spends most mornings reading the books in my spiritual backpack, looking for moist tidbits that I can share with my readers and Sponsees. He highlights and underlines those things of interest that resonate, he writes his gratitude list and takes a daily inventory in his journal. He prays and meditates and makes outreach calls as well as answering the phone when others reach out to him. He goes to meetings, looking for tidbits there too – occasionally sharing ones he has found along the way. Like this post.

And with regard to earning money, being a husband, dad, brother, friend, Sponsee, Sponsor, son, employer, and contributor to life, the new me takes action (aka, does the work) necessary to create the greatest possible result in all he does. No half-assing or looking for clever work-arounds in life. He takes responsibility and gets into the solution.

What the new me learned is that I am much happier when he puts in the effort into becoming the best me I can be. We know that the wonderful rewards we receive are a direct result of the determination, consistency, and hard work that we have put in. And as such, we are proud of me.

The additional reward of acting as the new me is that I gain tremendous self esteem – I love myself more. So, knowing all this, why would I ever default back to the old me?

Fear. When I get scared of things I tend to go back to old behavior. And I get into fear when I slack on my program of spiritual action. Staying connected to source, especially when things get dicey in life (aka, they don’t align with my expectations), is the best way for me to continue being happy, joyous and free. I’m grateful that the program has shown me this new, wonderful way of life, and that I’m willing to work for it. ILML!

– JamieQ

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