Staying out of Neediness 

“Living upon the basis of unsatisfied demands… no peace was to be had…” — 12&12 p. 76

Once again we discover that our pain, suffering and misery is a direct result of our attachment to people, places, things and expectations. The question then becomes “How do we transform our “needs” and “expectations” into “simple desires”? Here is my solution: (1) I found a higher power that personally resonated for and from me, (2) I put together and work a set of spiritual rituals that help me stay close to this higher powered source of love and gratitude, (3) I become very aware of those moments when I’m in a place of neediness and expectation, often masked as fear or anger, (4) I reach out to this higher power, my rituals and others who live in solution to get back into acceptance and gratitude, and (5) I share the solution with others. When I stay out of expectations and neediness, what’s left is gratitude, and then ILML! 

— JamieQ

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