No Matter How Busy

“Consistent actions create consistent results.” – Christine Kane
Back in the good old dark days, I consistently took actions that kept me imprisoned in a hell of my own creating. I drank and used consistently everyday. I blamed others and hated my life consistently. I was disappointed, angry, envious and full of self-pity consistently. As a result I did not love my life, to say the least. It took me 20 years of sobriety, and a lot of AlAnon, before I discovered a set of actions I could regularly take that would guarantee me a very different experience – one resulting in a feeling of extreme gratefulness. Now that I know what to do, I do it… consistently… no matter how busy I am. When I send out my gratitude to others, read and comment on theirs, infuse my mind with words from inspirational books, share recovery with others, connect with my higher power, and take a daily inventory, I get rocketed to the 4th dimension and ILML!

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “No Matter How Busy

  1. The green workbook has helped me to work the steps for the past year. I date my responses to each question with the hope of coming back to each to see if my perspective has grown/changed. I’m a fan of the beige book (I don’t see it there) that includes the 12 concepts as well.


    • Yes. I don’t have all my books up there, but I’ve worded the beige one too and love the format with the questions at the end. I found it especially valuable in applying the traditions to my personal life!

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