Lead Me Today

“Higher Power, I do not know where the path I am on will lead me today, but I do know that Your guidance is necessary. Let me seek to remain in unity with You and with the program. Teach me this day to be tolerant and patient with others in the program. Help me to understand that my well-being is dependent on the program’s well-being.” Grateful be on set and ILML. – Rami

No More Stagnation

“Recovery is not a stagnant process. We are either moving ahead, stuck and immobilized or backsliding. Each of us experiences each of these states in our recovery to a different extent. The important thing is that we see when we are getting into trouble and then do something about it. We need to put the program into action to stay on the right path. We need to walk in humility and be willing to ask for help along the way. Recovery is a program of action, and I need to be willing to take the steps necessary to stay on track. I need to be willing to go to any length to achieve and maintain sobriety.” DM 1health. Living in gratitude and ILML. – Rami

Our False Self

“In early recovery, I continued to have this inferiority complex. I would sit in meetings and plan out what I was going to say when it was my turn to speak. I wanted to sound like I knew what I was doing. This defect in my character was actually getting in the way of my recovery. It fed my dishonesty, and it built a wall between my Higher Power and me. It was keeping me from benefiting from the program. It is hard to swallow our pride and admit that we don’t know what we are doing. It is hard to get honest and admit it is all a show. ” – Daily Meditations from OneHealth.

Grateful for being sober and ILML.