The 5th Dimension

“There is a solution… self-searching, the leveling of our pride, the confessions of our shortcomings… pick up the simple kit of spiritual tools laid at our feet… we have been rocketed into a forth dimension of existence which we had never even dreamed.” – BB p25

It’s funny how simple truths are – they’re, simple. Statements like clean house, trust God and be of service. Or Keep coming back. Or it works IF you work it. Took me 20 years in the program to realize there is a simple recipe for everyone to love life in sobriety, I just had to find mine. Mine is to pray, meditate, have a “Golden Hour” each day to read recovery literature, journal my inventory and gratitude, send out a recovery text, reach out to my fellowship circle, and then get to a meeting. When I follow the recipe that works for me I always do a better job at practicing our principles in all my other affairs. By doing this consistently my life has been rocketed into the forth dimension and I’m currently headed for the fifth – whatever that may be. ILML!!!

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