Gratitude = Great Attitude

“Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present.” – Marelisa Fabrega

This morning I was texting a sponsee about gratitude and I realized that gratitude must be a conjunction of great+attitude. Getting into gratitude gives me a great attitude toward life.  Having a group of peeps that text me their gratitude and allow me to text them mine each day is concrete action which helps adjust my attitude and invites in abundance. ILML! 

– JamieQ

Much more Peacefully

“After we’ve made a surrender… never reach out and take the problem back… Leave it in God’s hands.” – Twenty-Four Hours a Day

On my blog there’s a section called the Hand Trick. It’s amazing that each time I’ve used it, it works, except when I take it back. I used to have to be knocked to my knees to surrender. Today, surrendering comes a lot easier, but the tricky part is leaving it to my higher power. That’s because I’m impatient sometimes and want a resolution right now. However, when I’m spiritually centered enough to relax and take it easy, the day goes much more peacefully and ILML! 

– JamieQ

Open the Floodgates

“… take the chains, bolts and locks from the door of your heart..” – Until Today

Intimacy is scary. As my brother Robert says, it means “into me you see”. When others see into me they may not like what they see. They may criticize me. If my heart is open I will get hurt because I am a sensitive person. But the only way to deeply love and be loved is to take those chains off and allow myself to be vulnerable. Yes I can get hurt. But I am also strong enough to away from those relationships that don’t feel healthy and mutually loving. Today I’ll take the risk to keep my heart open and allow the floodgates to open so that love can flow freely between me and others. ILML! 

– JamieQ

Happiness Breeds Success

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” – Herman Cain

Before I started really working a program I made a lot of money and wasn’t happy. These days, I frequently talk about how having a golden hour in the morning gets me into the attitude of gratitude, shifting my perception from problems to solutions, and from lack to abundance bringing me into a place of peace and opening the door to happiness. I love feeling happy, smiling and laughing. I always have. And if happiness breeds success, I’m down with that too. My daughter has her own spiritual backpack and golden hour. This morning she texted me “I love doing spiritual work in the morning!!!” Now that’s something would make any daddy happy. ILML!

– JamieQ

Temperamental Bosses

“… you have the power to decide the direction of your day…” – Until Today

I used to think that how my day went depended upon what happened to me, how people treated me and if things went my way. Living in a manner whereby people, places and events dictated my happiness was like working for a bunch of temperamental bosses, I never knew how they would treat me from one day to the next. Today the direction of my day is dictated solely by me and my higher power. By focusing on the solution, love and kindness, together we make sure that ILML! 

– Jamie

Make the Time

” Constant effort is necessary if I am to grow spiritually and develop my spiritual life.” – Twenty-Four Hours a Day

What does it mean to improve myself spiritually? To me, it’s taking daily actions to continue letting go of behaviors, thoughts and actions that are not loving and continue practicing those that are. This process of evolving into a more loving person actually invites all kinds of abundance into my life because I’m no longer fighting anything or anyone. It’s actually pretty simple these days: when I make the time to get myself into the spiritual solution ILML! 

– JamieQ

Building Self-esteem

“… my life has been given meaning, direction and purpose.” – Daily Reflections

One of the greatest gifts of the program is the opportunity to be of service. Sounds silly right? Here’s an organization that LETS me WORK to help others FOR FREE. Why is that so great? By helping others to find a way out of their struggle, by having the opportunity to make a difference in their lives, and by building a network of healthy, loving friends I’ve discovered a new meaning, direction and purpose in AA and AlAnon that rocks my world. I’m building self-esteem by helping others and ILML! 

– JamieQ