Celebrate Life

Don’t be a grave robber. Let corpses alone…Every time you dig up an old grievance or an old mistake by rehearsing it in your mind or, still worse, by telling someone else about it, you are simply ripping open a grave … Live the present. The past is past—liquidate it. If a negative memory comes into your mind, cremate it with the right thought (the fire of Love) and forget it. – Around the Year with Emmet Fox.

Kaboom! If that doesn’t set it straight, I’m not sure what will. 85% or more of my struggles come from grave robbing (the rest come from future #@!!ing). Today I will not dig through maggots and rotting flesh – it’s an uncomfortable space to live in. It’s a beautiful day of life and my plan is to stay in this gift of the present and enjoy it. What about you? ILML! – James

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