The Pain of Deceit

“Although I cannot do anything about the waves rolling into my life, I can hand the tiller of my life over to God and trust that I will be steered to safety.” Hope For Today

Recently I had a loved one lie to me. I had asked them to respect my boundaries and they didn’t. Then they lied about it tony face. Several times. It hurt deeply. I felt betrayed and confused. This is pure Alanon. I never set a consequence for crossing my boundary or lying. So now I’m going through the emotional hangover. I can’t stop the lying or deceit, but I called my sponsor, set clear boundaries with consequences (I will enforce), and am surrendering the past hurt, the future fear, and the uncomfortable feelings. But they keep coming up. And I keep surrendering them. This is my process. I know this will pass and am grateful for the program and opportunity to grow. And yes, even with these struggles, ILML! – James

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