Place & Purpose

“… leave behind the gray, angry world of loneliness… ” — The 12 Steps: A Way Out

This is exactly what happened to me in AA and AlAnon, but I didn’t even know I was alone in my anger. I was just unhappy.

Today I can’t imagine a life without the laughter, camaraderie, intimacy, craziness, and support of others in recovery – thousands of brothers and sisters. When I put myself in the center of them all, take direction, share my truth, listen and reach out my hand, I am filled up with love and friendship.

It’s true, the program helps me stay away from drugs and alcohol, and deal with others in their disease, but even more than that, it gives me a place and purpose, while showing me how to love my life. Those are precious things that are very hard to find in this world.

I’m so grateful. ILML – James

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