Mountain Climbing

“You don’t just THINK it has been hard; it has been hard… You have been climbing a mountain. Breathe deeply. Move forward… The time is coming to relish and enjoy all which you have fought for… Peace, joy, abundant blessings… There will be more mountains, but now you know how to climb them.” – The Language of Letting Go

I went mountain climbing recently in Malibu hills. At the start of the climb my car keys fell out of my pocket. I tore up the mountainside looking for them. My hands literally got bloody pulling out bushes. In the end it got too dark to see. I became aware that it was over. Acceptance was my only hope. I took the next indicated action and called my wife and brother – they love me & came to my rescue. Awareness, acceptance and action led me back to peace. So grateful for the program tools and life lessons to use them on. ILML
– James Q

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