Gifts Awaiting Me

“… honest and tolerant… confess his faults… make restitution… a Higher Power… meditation and prayer… carry A.A.’s message.” Daily Reflections

This is a great recap of things that I regularly do to stay and grow in recovery.

If I’m lying I can’t feel good about myself. If I’m impatient it adds to my stress. If I can’t see my shortcomings, I am left to stew in them. It’s anti-social behavior to be unwilling to apologize and repair the damages I have done. Without a Higher Power I am left alone, all by myself, trying to run the whole show. Without taking time to slow down, breath, and relax, I frantically rush through life, missing out on the best of it. Without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for life and the wonderful gifts I am given, I just focus on the problems. And without helping others, I become the needy, self-consumed narcissist who cares only about myself and my needs, left to wonder why I’m so unhappy.

In composing this blog entry, it’s easy to quickly see how each and every step in the program has a specific purpose in helping me avail myself of all the gifts awaiting me in this life. Thank God for the 12 step programs and all of you who are walking this road of recovery with me. ILML.

– JamesQ

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