Fear Gets in the Way

“‘What if’…how often we tend to see these words ourselves. Only two small words, yet how heavy laden they are with dread, fear, and anxiety. The answer to “what if…” is, plainly and simply, “don’t panic.” We can only live with our problems as they arise, living one day at a time. Am I keeping my thoughts positive?”
– A Day at a Time 2/26

When I am feeling fearful over the future, I am projecting “what if” this or that might happen. I do this often. Fear gets in the way of my progress and I always want to be progressing spiritually. This quote gives us the answer – don’t panic and stay positive. I think it’s that easy. And, having faith that my HP is making everything happen exactly as it’s supposed to when I do the work and seek a connection to Him. ILML!

– JasonW

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