The Secret Sauce

“Today I choose to be gentle with myself and to love unconditionally while detaching from the past”.
– Hope For Today

Resentment, frustration and disappointment blocks my ability to love my life. 100% of mine comes from the past, whether from my childhood or just 5 minutes ago. And 100% of my fear, which is another impingement on happiness, is centered in the future.

So the secret sauce to life loving for me is letting go of past hurts and staying out of future fear. It’s only when I do this that I am able to see the beauty in a flower, feel the magical restorative power of the sun on my face, or smile at the sound of a child’s laugh.

This moment called now is where loving life exists in all its splendor and I, for one, insist on basking in it! ILML!

– JamesQ

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