True Escape

“I had constructed my prison with bars of self-will and self-indulgence, from which I could not escape. True escape required a willingness to follow whatever right actions were needed to turn the lock. With that willingness and action, both the lock and the bars themselves open for me. Continued willingness and action keep me free – in a kind of extended daily probation – that need never end.”
-Daily Reflections

What this tells me is that without a daily reprieve, I quickly fall back to self-will and self-indulgence and I’m again not free. My addiction is always waiting for me, it never goes away and to drink is to die, so a daily plan of action is an absolute must. With willingness and action, one day at a time, I am a free man. ILML!

– Jason W

One thought on “True Escape

  1. Wow. Cool. Bars of self-will and self-indulgence. My personal danger is that I can easily unconsciously start erecting those bars again without realizing it. Self will still likes to think it can get what it wants if only I try hard and push. Self indulgence says regardless of the consequences I want this and I am going to take it. The feeling seems to be like a voice always trying to convince me to act upon it. It never says “oh, and if you do, you’ll end up alone and in prison again”. Great reminder.


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