An Essential Part

“… A ceremonial affirmation, no matter how small, seems to carry an indelible and resonant quality into the heart which the intellect is incapable of carrying. Shaking the hand of a friend is such a ritual. It reaffirms something deep and unsayable in the relationship. A non-rational ritual acknowledges and reaffirms a non-rational, but important, part of the relationship. It is a small but vital thing.” – From A Common Prayer

It is my belief that a power greater than myself, as I DON’T understand it, knows exactly what I am going to say in my prayers before I even think the words. This belief however does not make me exempt from the act of praying. For me, the simple yet profound gesture of prayer is an essential part of connecting to a higher resource and cultivating a deeper and more meaningful relationship with it. iLmL

Richie B

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