Be Careful

“What we think, we become.” ― Buddha.

I deeply believe in this concept. It’s something many other spiritual leaders have spoken as well. I often say “be careful what you’re thinking because your mind is listening”. Not only does it listens, it believes. And then from that belief it projects my thoughts into my future, actually manifesting my life from my beliefs.

This means that if I am thinking things like “Life is really tough, I’m tired, I hate that guy, etc.” all those things will become my world. The trick for me is to become aware of those negative thoughts, and their power to create a negative life for myself. Then I simply change them: “Life is amazing! I have tons of energy! That guy is just suffering, I’m glad I’m not him and I hope he gets better!”. Sometimes I need to write it and say it out loud to blot out the negative thoughts. This practice has changed my life. As a result of it, today I’m full of gratitude and ILML!

– James Q

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