So Much Happier

“I need another trusted person with whom to share… reveal myself intimately… they all listen to and… hold me accountable for my choices and actions… I am never alone.” Hope For Today

This is one of the most magical parts of staying in the middle of a 12 step program – the fellowship. Forging strong, safe relationships with others who’s trusted opinions guide me to be the best and most peaceful person I can be.

All of the posts in this section of my site with the name JamesQ at the bottom are also sent out via text to about 65 people who asked to receive them. They are also reposted on my private Facebook page. Those who receive them are close program and family members, and all of those safe relationships who’s trusted opinions I rely upon are within this small social group. I am so grateful for these individuals.

My recovery is about so much more than just sobriety, my spiritual work or the meetings for me. Together, with all of these wonderful people, I am so much happier than I could ever be alone. ILML!


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