Living a Loving Life

“… the need to be liked is a reflection of what needs to be healed”. Until Today

This is a really profound statement. As I’ve grown in self-love through really working this program and developing a friendship with my higher power, I’ve become more accepting when others don’t like me. I first ask myself if my behavior was living up to the standards of the program. Was I honest and kind? Were my motivations to be of service or selfish? Did I really try my best? If so, then their dislike of me has more to do with them then me, and often it’s God’s way of telling me to steer clear. When I love myself, and I know my HP loves me, I can be ok with them not loving me, providing that I’m being the best me I can be. Today I’m living a loving life and because if that, ILML!

– JamesQ

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