The Love Letter

“Just for today, and for the next forty days, be the object of your OWN love. Send yourself a love letter and then take the time to read it to yourself… How much love can you stand?”
– Adapted from Until Today!

I am so grateful for my sponsor and his love and gentle guidance. Before we met I was satisfied to live by AA literature alone. I have since broadened my horizons and this book is one of the gems that makes me a more loving and serene man. The first time I tried writing a love letter to myself, I started crying. I realized that I could love anyone on the planet besides the most important person I needed to love: me. Today, I love myself more & more. And just to be clear, this practice does NOT keep me sober, but it does (in combination with the 12 steps) enrich my sobriety. It helps keep me emotionally sober and for that I am eternally grateful! iLmL

– RichieB

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