Grateful I am Me

“… my assets are the foundation upon which my new, healthier life is being built.” – Courage to Change

So often in program the focus is on eradicating unhealthy behavior or defects and learning new tools. That’s really important. But equally important is learning to really, accept, love and believe in ourselves. Looking in the mirror I don’t just say “I love you James”. Rather, I’ve learned to also list off all the things I do love about myself. In this way I remember each day to be grateful I am me, a really cool guy who is a hard worker, great dad, husband, man, friend and lover of life. It’s a beautiful day in sunny Santa Monica and ILML!

– JamesQ

2 thoughts on “Grateful I am Me

  1. I’m still mostly wallowing in self pity With that said. I love where I’ve its a gorgeous coastal town. I have 4 daughters that love me. I have a job a car And I’m 4 days sober back from a relapse


    • Stay in that place of gratitude! It’s what my life is all about. In fact, I have a group of 18 guys and we all exchange daily gratitude lists via text. See if you can get do the same with some of your peeps at your meetings. Sharing and reading gratitude is inspirational!


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