Prepared to Handle Adversity

“… help me use my experiences to move forward and to make healthier, more loving choices…” Courage to Change

By applying this idea to those difficult and often painful events in my past, I can easily see how those experiences helped to shape the choices I’ve made since. But the bigger value in this message is the application to future events.

As I face difficulties, I can use it to remember that everything I will go through in life has the ability to help me grow into a better person. From this day forth, I will become more aware of this goal during each and every moment in my life, particularly the tough ones. I will look for something I can learn from in every interaction and experience that doesn’t meet with my preconceived expectations or hopes.

I will be better prepared to handle adversity with the knowledge that this uncomfortable moment can really help me for the rest of my life. In those uncomfortable moments that surely will come, I will give up my old reactions of blame and self-pity and exchange them for the the awareness that I am about to learn something that will help me make better choices. Now I have something great to look forward to, no matter how life goes! ILML!

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